Thursday, April 14, 2011

January 2011

January came and went in quite a blur. And since I don't remember much of it, how about some Facebook posts? I'm realizing the daily posts are a little bit of a journaling opportunity. They give a good idea of what is going on and some of the cute things the girls are saying.

Here are a few things I do remember, though.
1. At the end of the month, Monica and I started some reading lessons. The book is called, Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. I'll update on that later.
2. Ryan began a grueling semester of all upper level classes and has been doing great.
3. Leah began to grasp potty training more fully on her own. (YAY!)

Facebook Ramblings

Wow! There is nothing like being welcomed home after 10 days with a slap in the face of yuck. Note to self: always make sure to unlock the kitty door BEFORE you leave!
January 3 at 10:32pm

I love the little squeaks and coos coming out of our little Jilly! After nights of crying, the squeaks are a wonderful reminder of the sweetness hiding in there. I'm crossing my fingers she outgrows the colicky-ness quickly so we can see more of it!
January 5 at 7:32pm

YES!!! 3 days before school starts and I got into the classes I was on the wait list for. Wish me luck. I just have to pass and I will have my associates degree completed in May. I'm at a major milestone- halfway to my goal! WOOT!
January 7 at 10:27pm

Monica: 'B-aaawts. No. Buh-ooo-sss-t. Boost? No. Buh-oo-t-ssss. BOOTS! It's BOOTS!
January 10 at 8:56pm

Monica: "Mom, when I grow up can I be a Hobby Lobby helper?" Me: "sure! But why?"
Monica: "Because I like to organize things."
January 14 at 3:43pm

Leah: "Mama, can we go to wobby wobby? I like wobby wobby."

Hobby Lobby- the new favorite store.
January 24 at 9:17am

Jillian smiled at me!!! It was so sweet watching her discover she could control her lips. I LOVE this girl!
January 25 at 3:02pm

is singing praises this morning. Jilly slept for 7 hours straight! And probably would have slept longer if I hadn't jostled her to make sure she was still breathing...
January 26 at 8:50am

Monica inherited my sensitivity. We were watching Strawberry Shortcake and when Mr. Longface got caught in his lie, Monica started crying and wailed, "This is the sad part, Mom! He doesn't have a family!" Which, of course, then made me want to cry.

January 30 at 10:31pm

Oh, how I love my Monica! She hugged me when I picked her up from school, stepped back and said, "Mama, your tummy is getting more and more and more shorter!"
January 31 at 2:45pm
 I wanted to take some 2 month old pictures of Jillian, but Leah kept jumping in front the camera. 
Future model? Maybe. 
But I fell in love with this picture of her eyes. 
Beautiful girl!

 I love naked baby pictures! 
Jillian was just getting good at lifting her head. 
So I was able to catch her after her bath, trying to see the world. 
This picture was too cute! 
We were eating at Subway when I looked over and saw her grinning in her sleep.
Luckily, Ryan had just traded me ipods.
(His had a camera, mine had 10x more memory.)
So I was able to capture, if but a bit fuzzily, this sweet moment!

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