Saturday, April 16, 2011

I Love to See the (St. George) Temple

 This year, being the first year Monica was in school, we got to celebrate Spring Break in all its glory and significance. We went up to St. George to visit Kris, Lonnie and Gramma LeBaron and we had a wonderful time. The girls had a jammy party with Kris. She bought them the cutest jammies for the party and then we watched "Bambi". Gramma and Kris held Jillian so much, which was so wonderful, because let's face it. Mamas' arms get tired! And it was wonderful to see those bonds forming. But you can't go to St. George and not see the beautiful temple there. It's easily one of my favorites. So we had our own little photo shoot. We also saw Elder Bruce C. Hafen on his way to his Sacrament Meeting. It was nice to chat with him and for him to remember visiting our little branch in Baumholder. He remarked on how touched he and his wife were on the way the sisters upheld each other. Later on, before we came home, Monica and I drove by the temple again on an errand and we sang, "I Love to See the Temple". It was something we had to do, because it's nearly tradition now, since almost every time we drove by the temple in Albuquerque we would sing the song. 

Anyways, on to the pictures.   

 I thought these pictures of Lonnie and Kris were too cute!

We are a forever family. 

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ChristyLou said...

I LOVE your family pic! Gorgeous.