Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ramah Part 2 (Family Pics)

After church, we stopped and took some pictures of Jodi and her kids. Aren't they gorgeous?
 And, since it was such a perfect photo opportunity, we got some taken of us as well.
We've been getting some really good pictures lately!

Ramah Part 1- The Hike

While we were in Ramah we went on a hike.
It was a beautiful day, and aside from a few mud traps, it was an easy hike. 
We had fun talking and enjoying the tranquility of the mountains. 
We had to get a little creative with Jillian since I didn't pack my wrap.

January 2012

January seemed to crawl at an alarmingly slow speed for us. But several things happened that were, in a word, awesome.

#1. Ryan's bachelor's diploma and my associates diploma arrived in the mail. On the same day. How cool is that? We're so meant to be together that our important, major goal achieving mail arrives together! Mushy, I know.

#2. We made a visit to Ramah to see Jodi and Jeff and our niece and nephews. It was a much needed, semi-impromptu vacation. Ryan talks about going to Ramah all the time, and I thought this was just one of those times that he was just talking. But he really meant it.

#3. Ryan was offered a part time position at Home Depot. This was a boost to our morale in a way that only finding employment when you haven't had it and recently lost the opportunity you wanted could have. It was the first window that opened after the door to the Air Force closed. We were so excited about it!

#4. Leah expressed a budding interest in learning how to read. We started the "Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons" book that I did with Monica last year. She is doing so well! It really amazes me the capacity for learning that these young children have. She's not entirely ready for writing yet, so we are just focusing on the reading.

January was a dip in the roller coaster for us, but we're pulling on through, charging ahead.