Saturday, December 20, 2008

I Farted on Santa's Lap...

A couple years ago I found this song about a kid who farts on Santa's lap and now he's all worried that his Christmas gifts from Santa won't be very good.


He catches Santa leaving his gifts when the man himself lets one rip! So the kid gets all these awesome toys because of the shared bonding farting experience.

Well, I was singing the chorus cuz it was stuck in my head and Monica got a kick out of it. So I taught her the chorus and here she is! She sort of lost the melody at the second phrase, but she's still cute! I don't know if it's just our monitor or not, but you might have to turn up your volume.


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow Fun!

Per Lesa's request, I have finally updated my blog! I love these pictures! We had so much fun playing in the snow the day after it snowed like 3 inches! Of course, it was all melted by 4pm the next day, but it was a blast!

There are a few more posts of blogging catch-up. Thanks Lesa and Christina for the push!

Decorating the Tree

Monica had a lot of fun helping me dress the tree this year. Most of her ornaments ended up on the left side of the tree. But it's Monica!

This picture and the next are for Christina. This is one of my favorite rooms in the house. I LOVE how the sound bounces off the walls when I play the piano!

This is our house! We love it!!!

Thanksgiving-ish Pictures

Maggie and John came into town (my cousin and her fiance) and we got them to come over with Aunty Theresa, Mom and Emily to come over for lunch. Thank you Cristine for your Basil chicken recipe. It's a favorite!

Julie had fun playing in the girls' toy room. She's so cute!

We watched Julie for Emily a couple times and one time she and Monica were having F U N. I finally realized they weren't in the toy room anymore, and went to investigate. They were in the pantry. I asked if they were making messes and Monica laughed and said, "I'm not! Julie is!" And Monica was holding the camera taking pictures of Julie making said mess!!


Thanksgiving came and went and I got some cute pictures and then never posted them. Here are some of my favorites.

Monica and Grandma Kathy

Leah and Monica.

Monica and Julie. I asked Julie to sit with Monica for a quick picture and as soon as the flash flicked, she jumped up and ran from the stairs! LOL!

Emily modeling the dinner table.

Mom, Leah and Grandpa enjoying the feast.

Grandpa, Grandma, Emily and Julie

Dad, Elisha, and Ryan. Matt had to work...sadness!

All the girls. It's a dark picture, but you can still see how fabulous we are!