Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer Fun

I love how expressive the girls are when they are really having fun! 


We went to Ramah for Maressa's reception and Travis and Wendy stopped through on their way home to California. So we had a mini Allred reunion with Jeff, Jodi, Travis, Wendy, us and our kiddos. We had 10 of the 15 Allred grandbabies so we had to take a picture!

Wedding Bells

On June 17th, one of my most favorite people on the planet got married.  

Maressa was a gorgeous bride and Nate a handsome groom!
Congratulations, Revos!!

Mini Baumholder Reunion

Sometimes you make friends that become family. Our friends from Baumholder are like that. No matter how long it's been, it's like a family reunion when you get together. Amy Puentes and her kiddos were driving through El Paso on their way to San Antonio, (I think) so we had a fun pool party at Jeaneice's. They have a huge tree out in the front that the kids were having fun climbing and jumping down from. In the 30 seconds it took us to take pictures, Ashlynne climbed to the highest part of the tree. In her undies. Barefoot.  
Doug had to climb up to the top to get her! 

Jillian's 6 month pictures

Just some pictures of our 15 lb, 6 month old baby girl. (As of May 28th, 2011.) She is growing so fast!

See Ya Later, Daddy!

Ryan got a great job opportunity to go work with his dad in California for the summer, so before he left we had a little family photo shoot so he would have some pictures to take with him. These are my favorites!

May Planting

One day in May, I thought it would be so much fun to plant seeds with the girls.
So. Much. Fun.
I got a couple pictures of them before the fun.
The fun we never had because the sun came out behind the clouds and Leah and Monica swore they were 'melting'. So, I just planted the seeds as fast as I could. I'm happy to report that two zucchini plants have sprouted and are growing happily. Everything else? Well...weeds are pretty, too. Even if you didn't mean for them to be the only thing that grew.

Five Year Old Professional Bed Maker

At the beginning of the summer I challenged Monica to see who could keep their bed made longer. So far, she is beating me. I missed two days. She's only missed one. I don't think she even remembers the challenge anymore. But she makes her bed as soon as she gets up and has even begun to help Leah with her bed. I took this picture on the second day of our challenge. I haven't had to remind her at all. Needless to say, I am pleased with my girl!