Tuesday, November 23, 2010

37 Weeks Down, 3 more to go...

Last night I asked Ryan to take a couple belly pictures for me to document our pregnancy progress. The last belly pic taken was at 19 weeks, so I figured it was about time. About an hour before he took the pictures, he had given me a hug and said, "Babe, I'm sorry you have to get so big to carry our babies. It has to be really uncomfortable." So before the pics were taken, I knew I was getting big. But it wasn't until afterwards that I realized just how big I really was. You know those days when you look in the mirror and suddenly realize, "Wow, I really am that short!" and then it's all you can think about? Yeah. 

So, here is my 37 week pregnant belly in all its glory. This has been the roughest of all my pregnancies, but I do have to say that it hasn't been too bad, thanks to a wonderful hubby and helpful girls! Now we just have 3 weeks left to prepare for this little girl's arrival. We are getting so excited!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Be nice!

Days like today are not rare, by any means, and they are quite special. Sometimes, Monica and Leah look out for each other in ways that show just how strong their sisterly bond is, even at their tender ages.

Tonight, we ate at Arby's. Monica and Leah had snacked quite a bit at home before we left, but I was really hungry, so we stopped anyways. Monica was not too interested in her sandwich and Ryan was really getting on her about it since we weren't going to get anything else later. After some more prodding without success, Ryan turned up the heat. Then, in her tiny little chipmunk voice, Leah turned to Ryan and said, "Daddy, you're not being very nice. Be nice to my Monica!" It was so sweet to see her sticking up for her sister and a gentle reminder to Ryan and I as parents.

Then, after we got done grocery shopping, the girls asked if they could watch a movie. We told them they could put it on and have slumber/movie party in the toy room. But the room was a mess, so they had to pick it up. They worked together so well! We kept hearing Monica say, "Help me, Leah! We gotta put it away there!" followed by Leah's, "Ok! I will!" We really expected to find most of the toys stuffed and stashed but they were actually put away in their places. Not that they don't have their days, but most of the time they take great care of each other.

Love these girls!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

Our Ward didn't have a Trunk or Treat this year, so we had the opportunity to go down to El Paso and Trunk or Treat at Jeaneice's ward. We had pizza beforehand, and since we took so long gabbing and enjoying talking, I didn't have the girls ready with enough time to take full body pictures before it was time to go and my hips and belly were giving me a rough time while I was following them around trying to get pictures as they got their candy. So these are the best pictures I got! Then afterwards we went back to Jeaneice's house and Lesa, Jeaneice, and I got to hang out and talk some more. I asked Ryan to take a few pictures for me.


Monica had Red Ribbon Week at her school and they asked them to wear red one day. Well, it turns out her closet is stocked full of every color BUT red. So I improvised and tried my hand at making her a few little rosettes. Then she had a terrible night coughing and sneezing, so we kept her home from school on the red day. The next day was "Tie a knot drugs" so we paired her tie with the rosettes.

Later that day, Cristine came up from El Paso to make bows with me and I made another rosette. The next day, Leah wanted her pictures taken like Monica the day before.