Friday, May 23, 2008

Ugly Betty

My favorite show right now is "Ugly Betty". I LOVE IT! And I have to say I was actually really excited with the prospect of Betty and Gio getting together as a couple. I like Henry, really I do. He's good looking and smart, and does the right thing. But romantically, he's kind of a dud. He could have done a lot more for Betty than just flowers to make up for missing all their great plans for her birthday. When Gio knew Betty only considered him a friend, he went out of his way to make sure she had something special and got a carriage for her to ride in. Plus, Gio can dance! And I think he's cute and that they would make a cute couple because they can banter and tease each other in a way Henry and Betty never did.

So I predict that Betty will choose to be with Gio. I know she loved Henry, but as awful as Charlie was to her, I can't see Betty choosing to share a life with her. I also think the show would end if Betty left Mode. Too much is riding on all the changes at the magazine, and she's Christine's only support, really. I bet Daniel is going to start his own magazine and Betty will get an even better position being his assistant and I bet he asks her to write for his magazine. I would also like to see the braces come off. I can handle the bushy hair, really, I can. But it's been two seasons of braces. Take them off!!! What I actually think would be really great, is if Betty went to Italy with Gio and got an Italian makeover. Not that she needs to go all Mode-girl fashionista, but at least they could change it up. Claire told her she needed to take risks in all areas of her life, and I think it would be great if Betty took a risk with her style. It would be fun to see Betty's interpretation of Italian fashion. I can't wait til the fall!!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Diapers, diapers and more!

Today was also my baby shower! Hooray! After a fullfilling and enjoyable lunch with Aunty Sarah and Melissa and Jessi, I went home after the recital and changed into something a little more comfy and headed over to Holly's! She and lots of other good friends pitched in to throw me a diaper shower. Since this little girl will be born in the same season as Monica, and we have pretty much all the furniture we need, it didn't make sense to register for things we already had. So we got diapers!! Tons and tons and tons of diapers. I think we netted over 1500 diapers...sizes newborn-3! Seriously, you can't beat that! We also got lots of other really cute baby things like dresses, and hairbows, blankets, lotions and WIPES! Monica was having a blast opening the bags and unwrapping everything. I thought she might have been confused, thinking it was all for her, but when we talked to Ryan on the phone afterwards, she told him she opened "beebee diapers and beebee pesents"! Is she not the cutest???

Anyways, here are some pics of the day! I started taking pictures of everyone and I can't believe I forgot to get Mom and Grandma and they looked sooooo pretty!!! I love you Mom and Grandma. I will catch you soon though.

Stacy, Nikki, Hollie and Emily


Kuliana and Nicole



Holly and me

Bumping bellies. Holly is due in two weeks and I am due in 8...
So yeah, a GREAT day for me and I can't thank everyone who helped bless our lives enough. Today, in one word was AWESOME!! Everything worked out wonderfully, even with a few hiccups along the way, I seriously can't complain. And that's all they were. Just hiccups!

Our Spring Recital!

Today was really eventful, so I thought I would break it up into two different blogs. This morning was my studio spring recital. I invited my friend Sally, who has been teaching her grandkids to play, to join us. I had 15 students altogether, but 2 couldn't come this time. And Sally had 3, which meant 16 performers got up the courage to play in front each other and their families.

So the morning started off right, I was up in time to make sure everything I needed was ready to go. I got showered and dressed, Monica up and dressed with a little breakfast, and walked out the door right when I planned! So I get in the truck, since Ryan took my car to drill this weekend, and it wouldn't start! It only took a few tries before I got it going and then it was really jerky and shaky. NOOO!! I was starting to panic at this point. I knew the car had problems, but this morning?! Are you serious?!

So I finally pulled up to Charles Piano where the recital was scheduled and EVERYONE was already there waiting. My students' moms ROCK! I was only a couple minutes late and they were all there. Then to top off the stress I was already feeling not being able to be early, no one was there to open the store. Now I'm ready to cry, because I'm pregnant and I do that. But I didn't. We waited, and fretted a bit, and then luckily a teacher came in and was able to open the doors. THANK GOODNESS! Because I was about to reschedule the recital.

Anyways, we walked in and got the recital going and I couldn't be more proud as a teacher! Everyone made it through their songs, and it was wonderful! Now, I had practiced what I was going to say at the end of the recital ahead of time, because last time I got teary and my voice cracked. And everytime I thought about my students, I was proud and honored but I didn't get emotional. So I go in today thinking "I'm good...not gonna cry...I feel strong!" YEAH RIGHT! I was crying before the last song was even played! I was just so overcome with how hard everyone worked to get there and I'm losing a few students this summer who are moving and I am really going to miss them! But I recovered, and all was well. THEN, to add another bright note, they told me I didn't have to pay to rent the space since they didn't give me the code that would have gotten us in and started. SaWEET!

Next recital, I won't be pregnant, so I plan on proving I can wear mascara and not worry about it running!

So these are my students. Back row: Jessica, Andy, Chantelle, Mary, me, Justine, Melissa and Holly. And the front row are: Caleb, Jacob, Crystelle, Grace, and Traekon. And somewhere in there is a little girl who asks for piano lessons so she can get stickers!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Here kitty kitty...

Our hearts are broken! Yesterday morning Monica and I went outside to take out some trash and Rocky followed us. I didn't think much about it because he has been going outside for a couple months now ever since it started to warm up. And he would always come running back whenever we called for him. But he didn't come when we called before we left to go to lunch at Dion's with Ryan. And he didn't come when we called for him after we got back either. So I thought maybe he was just really enjoying exploring. But after Ryan got home from work and naps were over, we searched and called again. I thought for sure Rocky would come running when Ryan called because he just adores Ryan. But no purring. After Enrichment, I walked around and called again for him, thinking maybe he had gotten stuck in a garage and had to wait for someone to come home so he could get out. But no kitty! Monica is sad, but I don't think she fully understands that he might really never come back. Ryan thinks he got eaten. I know, leave it to the guy to think the worst! But I just hope that someone took him and wants to keep him and not hurt him. I will give the animal shelter a call today to see if someone turned him in. He's such a good cat! A little crazy and neurotic at times, but really a good cat. He almost never pulled out his claws when he played with Monica, and they would have fun taking turns chasing each other around the house. It was fun to watch! So I hope he's ok. Until then, we'll keep calling for another day and put up some signs.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day 2008!

Here's a picture of me and Monica on Mother's Day. She made me feel so special, with lots of hugs and kisses all day long. Growing up, I was always pretty afraid to be a mom, since I didn't really like to babysit. But since I've had a child of my own, I can't imagine life without being a mom! I love it! Even the not-so-great moments, in the midst of tantrums and giant meltdowns, I still love being a mom. And I am truly grateful for the examples of great mothers in my family, my friends and especially in my mom. So Happy Mother's Day!! I'm also including a belly shot. This is me at 31 weeks.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Baby Allred

Here are a couple ultrasound video feeds from when I was 16 weeks pregnant. I love the one where you can see her waving the best, and the heartbeat one is just downright cool. So here's a sneak peek of baby Allred. We can't wait til July!

Monday, May 5, 2008

The perfect day...almost

Ok, Ok, I know there isn't really such a thing as "the perfect day" but I just have been having a GREAT mommy day and thought I would celebrate by sharing with the world how good Monica has been today! She helped pick up her room without argument, (plus every other room in the house for that matter!) and has listened really well when I talk to her. She has been the ultimate mommy's helper by picking up things off the floor for me and putting things away down low that otherwise would make me very uncomfortable to bend over for. And the best part is, she has had the best, cheerful attitude all day and at naptime got in bed once and didn't get up! KUDOS to Monica!!!