Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year's in Ramah

We had a blast in Ramah for New Year's!
Thanks, Jeff and Jodi for letting us stay with you!
We discovered in Ramah that Jill actually is colicky. 
Christina had suggested gripe water and that was working pretty well for the digestive issues. 
But even that couldn't stop the crying, which suddenly took a turn for the worse. 
Jodi was an angel and helped take turns with us cradling Jilly.  

 We love playing Canasta with Jodi and Jeff!

 After they got over the initial shock of Uncle Jeff's teasing and realized they should never take him seriously, the girls loved him. When we got home and Jillian cried in the car, Leah yelled, "Uncle Jeff! My baby crying! Uncle Je-eff!"

It was snowing like crazy on our way out to Ramah. So bad, in fact, that we completely slid off the road. But we were okay and no one was hurt. Just barely a scratch on Leah's door. (I had to work really hard not to play the What-If game!) After it stopped snowing, we waited a day or two hoping it would warm up enough to play in. It didn't. While we were there it dipped more than 20 below 0 degrees! So we went out on New Year's Eve and somehow everyone sledding lasted 30 minutes. Just taking pictures, my hands were freezing and about to fall off. 

 Poor Monica kept losing her boot in the snow, so her feet were freezing, and I know I can be dramatic sometimes, but I really did fear for her little toes. They were turning purple when we pulled her socks off! So we heated up rice heat pads and she cuddled right up with them. One on her hands and one on her little toes!

We played Cranium and Catch Phrase with Jesse, Haley and Jodi.
Then we counted down to New Year's and had sparkling grape juice.
Happy 2011!!
 There aren't many people who can make Ryan look short, but Jeff pulls it off!
 Jesse is getting there too! Ryan and his nephews.

What goodies did you have for New Year's?
We had...

 Monica and her Aunt Jodi
 Miss Haley
 Nick and Leah.
The girls love their cousins!

Leah hiding in the tree box!

We also had a great time seeing Maressa and Seth & Ashlee.
You can't go to Ramah and not see them!

One Month Old, See How I've Grown!

Is there anything sweeter than a precious baby girl?
How about a baby girl and her big sister? 
Jillian and Monica were having fun making faces and staring at each other.
Monica giggled and said, "Mom, your baby is silly! She's staring at me!"
After catching them, I took some feet and finger shots. 
Jillian was exactly one month old. 
These pics were taken on December 28, 2010. 

Fun in Albuquerque

Grandma Kathy and Jilly

 Where else can you dance on the table with a dog that sings "Who Let the Dogs Out?" but at Aunty Sarah's?

I think this girl has salsa potential!

 Melissa took Jill anytime she needed to be held.

Thanks, Uncle Bruce and Aunty Theresa! 
They were a great help with all the girls!

On our way out of town we had lunch with Josiah and Caitlin at Tucanos. It was so great to see them, too!

Jillian's Blessing Day

On Sunday, December 26, 2010, Ryan blessed Jillian. 
Dad, Mark, Lewis, Matt, and Brother Wessley Rogers stood in the circle. 
Ryan gave her a beautiful blessing. When I get all the notes from Emily, I will write down as much of the blessing as I can. But after church we all assembled into the foyer and Kristen was so sweet to take some pictures for us. These were my favorite. :)

Then, after we got to Mom and Dad's, I wanted to get a family picture before the girls got too messy playing in the backyard. So I asked Tina if she would take a picture for us. 
 Our first family picture with Jilly.

Christmas 2010

We stayed with Aunty Theresa and Uncle Bruce and it was so fun to wake up and have Christmas morning with them! The girls loved their stockings filled with Girardelli Chocolates (from San Francisco) Zoobles, puzzles, barrel of monkeys and other goodies. And Santa (me) had to run at the last minute to find something for Jillian's stocking, only to find EVERYTHING closed except for gas stations. I know, I know. She would have never noticed not having a stuffed stocking, but I would. So I found a teddy bear at Circle K. 
 Our stocking stockpile.

 Leah scored a Cootie game, Littlest Pet Shop toys, 2 Barbie movies and Princess Barbies.
Monica also got some Littlest Pet Shop toys, 2 Barbie movies, more puzzles, the Princess barbies, and a game.
 For the entire year, Ryan kept saying he wanted to get back into working out, so I got him P90X for Christmas. But his gift was spoiled by the girl I bought it from! Just before we went up to ABQ, my phone busted, kaput. And a week before we went up I found an unopened P90X program on Craigslist. I told the girl who had it that it was for my husband, and gave her his phone number and said to just ask for Anna. When she called and Ryan answered she said, "Hi, I'm looking for Anna. She's buying P90X from me." HAHA! So I met her at Walgreens and got the not-a-surprise-anymore Christmas gift.  
 Ryan built the girls a doll house before we left, that we ended up figuring out was too small just before painting. It was my fault. I designed it. And he trusted me because I was the one who played with Barbies forever. So we are going to build a new doll house that will be big enough for Ken and the Disney fashion dolls.  
 This picture was of a gag gift. Ryan and I made a deal that if we had three girls, to balance out the drama and the estrogen, he could get a truck and a dog. 
 Well, with the appearance of Jill on the scene, it was time to make good on the deal. 
 Opening gifts is tough work.

 I love these pics.
 Aunty Theresa and Uncle Bruce were such wonderful hosts and spoiled us rotten with her gourmet cooking and all the fun!
 When Jillian woke up, we got her dressed and opened her presents.
Our 3 1/2 week old Santa Baby.

After we got ready, we headed over to Mom and Dad's to celebrate Christmas with everyone. When it was time to open gifts, it happened so fast that trying to calm Jillian took priority over taking pictures. But the girls scored big-time for their doll house. They got a bunch of furniture and new dolls.
Thank you, Nana and Papa! We had fun with good food, Just Dance ( I battled Emily and won. Whodathunk?), and then we watched "Despicable Me".