Thursday, December 10, 2009

Introducing Our Newest Family Member...

Funny story how this worked out.
After our last kitty run away, or got caught by coyotes, or was catnapped- we'll never know- Ryan and Monica have been wanting to get another kitty. So I put a stipulation on when we could get another one. I knew that Siamese kittens were hard to come by. And females seem even harder to find. So I said I would agree to get another cat when we found a female Siamese.

Then about a month ago, Aunty Sarah called us up and said she was babysitting an adorable kitten who needed a home and fit the criteria exactly that I had laid out. So before I even had a chance to say, "Let me talk it over with Ryan," Ryan said we would take her no questions asked. HAHA! So we now have a new member of the family. We hope to make this one long term that we all cry over in 15 years when she's too old to walk and needs to be carried to her food bowl.

So, without further ado, I present


Now I have to explain her name. It was Monica's first choice to call her Figaro, but Ryan and I initially vetoed it. So then Monica suggested "Heavenly Father". That felt a little too sacreligious so then she started throwing out nonsensical things like "Shinnydoo" and "Makatita" (which is a 'word' Monica uses when she thinks she's speaking Spanish). So we turned to Facebook friends for help and got a bunch of really good ideas of what to call her and Monica didn't like any of them. So after about two weeks of calling her "The Cat", Ryan suggested we finally go with Figaro. I call her Fergie, for short.

The girls love playing with Figaro and she allows Monica to pick her up all day long and somehow doesn't mind when Leah puts her in a chokehold. Thank goodness I mind, so she never has to endure the torture for long. But she rarely scratches, is very playful and just goes with the flow. She is the perfect cat for our family and we love her!

Sisters Make the BEST Hairdressers

I couldn't hear the girls playing one morning when they were in the toy room, so I thought I'd better check on them. I found this...

Monica was patiently letting Leah play with her hair.
And Leah was being pretty gentle, not pulling Monica's hair.

They were both having so much fun, and Leah was enjoying being the hairdresser that I had to take a few snapshots of the moment. I think it could be a glimpse into the future of what I'll find in about 10 years when I pass by their bathroom, only Monica will probably be painting her nails as Leah brushes her hair.

Sisters are the best!