Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year's in Ramah

We had a blast in Ramah for New Year's!
Thanks, Jeff and Jodi for letting us stay with you!
We discovered in Ramah that Jill actually is colicky. 
Christina had suggested gripe water and that was working pretty well for the digestive issues. 
But even that couldn't stop the crying, which suddenly took a turn for the worse. 
Jodi was an angel and helped take turns with us cradling Jilly.  

 We love playing Canasta with Jodi and Jeff!

 After they got over the initial shock of Uncle Jeff's teasing and realized they should never take him seriously, the girls loved him. When we got home and Jillian cried in the car, Leah yelled, "Uncle Jeff! My baby crying! Uncle Je-eff!"

It was snowing like crazy on our way out to Ramah. So bad, in fact, that we completely slid off the road. But we were okay and no one was hurt. Just barely a scratch on Leah's door. (I had to work really hard not to play the What-If game!) After it stopped snowing, we waited a day or two hoping it would warm up enough to play in. It didn't. While we were there it dipped more than 20 below 0 degrees! So we went out on New Year's Eve and somehow everyone sledding lasted 30 minutes. Just taking pictures, my hands were freezing and about to fall off. 

 Poor Monica kept losing her boot in the snow, so her feet were freezing, and I know I can be dramatic sometimes, but I really did fear for her little toes. They were turning purple when we pulled her socks off! So we heated up rice heat pads and she cuddled right up with them. One on her hands and one on her little toes!

We played Cranium and Catch Phrase with Jesse, Haley and Jodi.
Then we counted down to New Year's and had sparkling grape juice.
Happy 2011!!
 There aren't many people who can make Ryan look short, but Jeff pulls it off!
 Jesse is getting there too! Ryan and his nephews.

What goodies did you have for New Year's?
We had...

 Monica and her Aunt Jodi
 Miss Haley
 Nick and Leah.
The girls love their cousins!

Leah hiding in the tree box!

We also had a great time seeing Maressa and Seth & Ashlee.
You can't go to Ramah and not see them!


The McBride Family said...

Great pictures Anna!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the family pic. You guys all look grat. Sounds like it was a great Christmas with family! We played games for New years too. I LOVED it!

Cristine said...

Love your header pic!!!! Great family picture!

Glad you had a good new years and very glad no one was hurt when you slid off the road!

Oh, and love the bugle hats! :)

Country Girl said...

So fun to read! Thanks for sharing it! I loved the story it was like reliving the highlights! I loved every minute of you being here. Tag its our turn. Love love love you.

Stephanie said...

Looks like you had a great time! We miss you and I'm so glad no one was hurt!

Stephanie said...

UPDATE, woman! ;-)