Thursday, April 21, 2011

Monica's First Field Trip

One of the fun things about Monica being in school is that we get to go with her on field trips! On April 15th, we met her class at the El Paso Zoo. We passed a few animals before I remembered I'd brought my camera with me. We had a blast and Leah has been asking to go to Monica's class and the zoo ever since!
 We decided there were more little monkeys on our side of the fence than on his.
 Not only does he walk slowly, he even drinks slowly, too!
 This monkey was sitting there all by its lonesome.
The other monkeys were hopping all around and no one invited her to play.
 I love the little garden area. I think it's a memorial garden because there were plaques and stones with people's names on them. I loved the colors of the blossoms.

 This one was my favorite. 
In other words, Anna, you can't have any!
 Mrs. Springler's 2010-2011 Kindergarten class. 
With one wishes-she-could-go-to-school.
 This sea lion just looked so comfy floating on his back, letting the water fall on his tummy.
What a life!
 Sea lions seem so peaceful.
 These guys were in a pecking war when I passed by.
 Leah loves the zebras.
 It's official. I want a meerkat.
It's Melman! We were hoping to find a hippo, but there aren't any in El Paso.
 I thought it was so sweet that Monica's classmates helped Leah anytime she needed a boost to see something. This little boy holding Leah and Monica's hands, Jonathan, is who Monica says is her best friend in her class. She says that Jonathan is always nice to her and helps her when she falls down on the playground.  
 Monica's class said she was Nala.
 And he was Simba.
 Black bear, black bear, what do you see?
 Pretty bird!
 I think this little cat is mine and Leah's favorite part of the zoo. He just looks so sweet all curled up on his rock!
 The cheetah. Rowr!
King Louie. He was really fun to watch. At one point he picked up a stick and was trying to fish something out of a mailbox-looking-thing.

Jillian liked not being in her car seat. 

We always love going to the zoo, and we especially love when we get to hang out with Monica more. I picked her up from school this week and she asked me if I missed her. I told her I miss her everyday she is at school and it makes me so happy to have her come home. She giggled and then thought for a minute before saying, "I miss you, too, Mom. Tonight, can we snuggle?" Love my girl!

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Your zoo is awesome I love the pic's... You need to try to make some soy free yummy popcorn munch..