Saturday, March 20, 2010

The First Day of Spring

We woke up to a surprising First Day of Spring morning...

So we took the girls to the Taylor Ranch Library for a little bit of sledding.
We got there kind of late, so there wasn't a whole lot of snow left, but hey...we made it!
Ryan loves his girls!
Ryan and Leah went for a fast ride where both had a blast!
So I thought it would be great to take a turn with Monica.
The only problem?
Leah climbed to the top of the hill and was devastated that we left her there.
Which is why this picture is so heartbreaking...
But she got over it.
This pic was was only about 1 minute later.
Leah made it halfway up the hill pulling the sled.
The girls played hard and had a blast!
It was a great ride!!

The Last Day of Winter

The girls were chowing down on grapes and cookies.
Beautiful Monica
Sweet Leah
Sweet Monica
Beautiful Leah

When the Aunt is Away the Cousins will play!

This last week I got to have Melissa, Jessy and Mikey stay with us while Aunty Sarah and Uncle David went on a fab vacation to JAMAICA!! Here are some pictures of our fun:
We went to the Aquarium
Aunty Theresa joined us!
Come and get your love...
These girls are chill!
Then we went to the Botanical Garden and we had fun playing in the eggs, carrots and pumpkins.
Mikey LOVED watching the trains.
Melissa hugged a tree...
Then Leah kissed one!
Aunty Theresa!
Miss Monica
I loved the colors on this shot.
Silly Leah.
Everyone needs a good ride once in a while...
We painted and Leah REALLY got into it...
Julie loved her blue and purple...
Monica had a blast too!
Jessy worked hard on her pieces.
Melissa and her 'M'
Mikey and his pink shirt...hey, it protected HIS shirt!
Miss Julie
Classic Timeout Look
Everybody loves the slide!
The girls love their baby cousin Jonah!
Strike a pose!
 Leah loved the swing!

We had some good fun together. Jessy and Melissa were huge helps and Mikey was so fun to have. I think I could have been a little more fun, but unfortunately the weekend fell on the week of midterms and Ryan's drill weekend as well. I'm always a little on edge when Ryan isn't around, but add midterms and trying to find time to study and I wasn't as relaxed as I could have been. But it all worked out and Emily came and hung out with us a lot and it was great to have her and her kiddos too!

Friday, March 5, 2010

A New Hobby

I thought I would post real quick the link to a new blog I am starting. It will be just about photography and the people, places and things I find beauty in. I know what you're thinking, am I seriously that crazy for taking on yet another endeavor? Probably. But it will be slower paced, I am hoping, than my family blog which is where I will post all the embarrassing pics I will later bribe my children with. I hope that as I get practice, that I will get better at capturing the beauty all around me. And if you are willing to let me practice on your family, I would love it! So here's the link... I've already posted quite a few of the pictures I have taken and edited. It's minimal editing, but I love it!

Ballerina Time

This morning, Monica got her ballet on.

I happened to sign on to Facebook right after a friend I knew in college posted that she would be starting a preschool ballet class at her home. Since Monica has been asking to take dance since she went to a couple classes with her cousins, Dakota and Sailor, and the price was right I asked immediately for Monica to be in the class. Monica was a little nervous and asked if Kenzi could come too, so I talked to Kuliana and Sarah and it all worked out! The girls were so cute!!
This picture was actually at the end of class when they did a freestyle dance.
Pointing her toes.
Getting her arms in the right position.
Taking her turn walking on her tippy toes.
Monica and Kenzi.
I thought it was cute that they gave each other courage.
So happy in 1st position.

Except for her telling me she was hungry a few times during class, the only other hangup was when they were practicing their arm positions and she turned to me and said, "Mom, my arms hurt!" Haha, poor thing. She'll get stronger though, and she had so much fun. She's already asking if she can go back tomorrow. The poor dear has to wait two weeks!