Saturday, April 16, 2011

New Beds

After we got home and everything was back to normal, city energy-wise, Ryan and I got to work on some projects we had been talking about for a while. Leah had been getting out of bed every night for almost a year and we were at our wits' end. Then one night I was able to get out of Leah that she was scared of her bed under Monica's. Then we moved to this little house and the one dresser was too small for two growing girls, so we had piles of clothes everywhere. 

The solution? We searched our new favorite website, and took her plan for the twin storage bed and added a layer of drawers. Two identical beds, with drawers large enough for all their clothes with extra room to spare. And the best part? Leah stays in her bed. WOOHOO! Of course, a year's worth of habit still rears its ugly head, but a little bit of coaxing gets her right back in bed. 

Ryan did most of the building. I got to help a little with the drilling and screws. But my main job was painting. I loved the names of the colors, "Mickey's Glove" and "Pretty In Pink".

We got the inspiration for these beds after Ryan built a farmhouse bed from the same site for our friends, the Millers. 

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