Saturday, April 16, 2011

Facebook in February

Time for the February edition of Facebook postings.

Me: We're going to read out of Mosiah.
Leah: Bull's Eye?
Me: Mo-si-ah
Leah: Oh, Bull's Eye.

Monica came in to our room and said, "I have two pairs of pants, three shirts and three pairs of socks on. Can I go play in the snow now?" Uhhh, let's wait til it gets in the 20 degree range.
February 2 at 9:53am

Leah was trying to help me calm Jilly, so she put her blanket on the baby and said, "There! I give you my bwanket. Be happy!"

Monica picked up a dead bird today, held it out to Ryan and said, "Daddy! There's a serious problem here."

Lots of "eww-ing" and "go wash your hands until the soap dispenser is empty" ensued. Go ahead and laugh (I did!) and say a prayer we don't get the bird flu!
February 7 at 10:32pm

We're building new beds today! I can't wait for the girls to see them. Cubbies and drawers built into the frames. Woohoo!

So, Monica got her first Valentine's gift from a boy in her class. A cute teddy bear and candy. Her teacher is going to "address the issue" in parent-teacher conference with Lorenzo's mom because we just got Monica to stop talking about kissing & boyfriends. So, now I'm torn. I think it's really sweet that he wanted to get her a gift. Do I tell the teacher not to worry about it? Or leave it alone?
February 14 at 3:05pm

Monica: Leah, stop eating my face!
Leah: Yum! Yum! Yum!
Monica: LEAH!
Leah: Does it taste good?
Monica: No. It tastes like peanuts!
February 15 at 8:11am

I went to my first Parent-Teacher conference today. I love hearing how awesome and smart my child is!
February 18 at 10:17am

After all Leah does to the cat during the day (i.e. body slamming, choke holds, tail yanking) it's quite surprising to me that Figaro still cuddles up to Leah during naps and bedtime. She does get her revenge sometimes, though, like pouncing on Leah in the middle of the night scaring the poo out of her. I guess it evens out.

Monica punched the boy who gave her a Valentine's gift for tickling her too hard. She had to be taken out of the school assembly.

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