Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring Break in St. George

One of the fun things we did in St. George was dip strawberries in chocolate.
Kris found these ginormous berries at Costco and the girls just went to town.
Especially Leah, who can never get enough strawberries. Ever. 
It was a wonderful treat!

 Every time I look at this picture of Gramma and Monica, it just warms my heart. 
How can you not smile?

 Sweet sisters checking each other out.

Our last day in Utah, we headed up to Cedar City to see our friends, Bob and Amanda Gedeborg and their sweet family. Ten years ago this fall, these guys were mission companions in Buena Vista, Virginia. And now, between them, they have 8 girls and 1 boy. I think all the girls were in heaven having each other to play and scream with. Ben might have felt just a tad outnumbered.
We love the Gedeborgs!!

Now, did I mention that the house we were visiting waves a Cougar flag? Ok, maybe not literally, but they are avid BYU fans, and since BYU had two games while we were there, I got to see what Jimmer was all about. I'd heard about him all over Facebook. But I always thought maybe he was just one of those players with way too much hype. And maybe he is. But I have to hand it to Jimmer Fredette. The boy has skills. The first game I watched, it was actually really fun. Then came the Sweet 16 game and it was a little painful, but he still had a few good moments where I could see what the hype was all about. And in a gesture of true love, Gramma, Kris and Lonnie decided to forego seeing the game live in order to have a birthday dinner for Ryan at Chuck-a-Rama before we left.
Then we made the long trip home with a short stop in Albuquerque to eat at Tucanos for Ryan's birthday.
The girls each ate several chicken hearts.
They must be good.
I'll take their word for it!

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