Sunday, August 31, 2008

Day 5

Friday, the dreaded last day...we just relaxed and enjoyed a good time. Since I haven't been able to take any pictures of Leah in the bath, we took some of her being bathed in the sink. In the afternoon we went to eat lunch with and meet Ryan's other stepbrother, Keith, and his girlfriend Kristin. It was fun to talk to them and then it was off to the airport. Monica and Leah were such good travelers both ways. I am so proud of them! Upon landing in Albuquerque, we all had to sit back down and a cop got on the plane and escorted two people off the plane. I sat there and thought, "yep, we're home!"
So all in all, we had a GREAT trip! One of my favorite parts had to be when Brock was stroking Leah's hair and told me. "I like your baby." And then later when he wanted to trade babies. LOL! He was so cute!


Millers! said...

Looks like you had a ton of fun! Leah is still so tiny and just too cute!

Nick and Miriam said...

You have such an adorable family! I love reading about all of your adventures! Your two girls are seriously edible they are so cute! I love being blogsphere friends! You are such a gem!