Thursday, August 14, 2008

Obsession Tamed

Yes, it is true I have been somewhat obssessed with watching the Olympics. Ok, maybe a lot obsessed, but I have done things also that will prove I am not just a nut.

Last night we had a princess/dress-up tea party for dinner. Monica loved it! We went out and got her one of those little disney makeup kits and she loved "getting pretty" for the tea party. Even Ryan joined in on the fun! No, he didn't wear makeup, but he did put on some suspenders, a hat and a tie.

I also caught a few smiles on camera from Leah. She's starting to respond to me laughing ridiculously! I LOVE IT!

P.S. Did anyone watch the men's 4x200 relay? I sat there laughing in amazement at how far ahead the US team was....seriously- 5 seconds til the next team touched?!! I LOVE IT!



Cristine said...

You are SLIGHTLY obsessed! HA HA HA! That relay was awesome! I sat there with my mouth wide open in amazement at how far ahead they were!

THe tea party is a great idea! You're an awesome mom!!!

Alysha Smith said...

That is adorable, what a cute idea!
Yes, you are seriously obsessed with the Olympics, BUT who isnt right now!
Ive also been watching the women's beach volleyball and last night was an exciting game for the USA I was screaming at the TV and I dont even really like beach volleyball!

Price Family said...

Love the tea party! You are such awesome mom and dad!

ChristyLou said...

I know what you mean about being obsessed! I've had a really hard time staying away from the TV for any length of time. It's just so awesome to watch!! Yeah for Team USA swimming and Beach Volleyball! Gymnastics too...although, that can be so depressing at times. It's amazing how quickly everything falls apart.

Cute tea party! I'm sure Monica was in heaven. Good job trying to keep things balanced!