Thursday, August 7, 2008

Parenting Lessons Learned

So yesterday was a FUN day! Most of it anyways. It started out alright...we went to the pediatrician for a checkups for both girls. I decided they are growing way too fast! Leah is already 9 lbs 12 oz! And Monica - 32 pounds and 37 inches tall! Anyways, after the appointment we had lunch with Aunty Sarah and Melissa, which was a lot of fun. Then I took Melissa home with me and she helped me out with holding Leah so I could clean. Monica's room was spotless when she went down for her nap. Gradually, each time I checked in on her, the floor was messier and messier til finally after two hours it was hard to find a place to step. I thought maybe since she was quiet for all that time, she didn't need to sleep after all. Mistake #1.

I took Melissa with me to the store and we had fun shopping. Monica loves pushing the little bitty child-size carts that they have and I love watching her get stuff off the shelves to put in her little basket. It was going very nicely until Monica decided to try and eat the handle bar. I told her twice to stop and then I took her to the pharmacy chairs to have a time out. Mistake #2.

I promised her when we left our house that if she was good, she could have some pez candy. Well, after her fit on the pharmacy chairs, I said she couldn't have candy anymore. Fuel to the fire. Mistake #3.

So she started screaming this high pitched scream that makes your ears ring. I tried to get her to calm down and she would NOT! So since our shopping was done I decided maybe if we stood in line she would calm down. Yeah. Mistake #4. The candies in the aisle just reminded her she couldn't have them and the shrieks got worse.

I was sooooo embarrassed. There were so many angry stares!! I wanted to just leave, but we needed food! So i stood in line, and I have never seen a cashier and bagger complete their tasks faster! If they did that for every customer, there would seriously be no lines in the store! It was like they were Popeye and had just eaten their spinach.

So why didn't I just spank her? I wanted to. But I was in public, and I also decided I need to not spank because I get irritated a LOT sooner now that I don't get as much sleep. It's not fair for her to just be a three-year-old and I have no patience so I spank her. This situation may have warranted it, but was my fault for not being more adamant about her nap.

Lessons learned?
1.Monica must always have a nap.
2.Do not go out in public if ever she doesn't have one.


PamJorg said...

My kids are 12, 10, 7 and 4 and they still have melt downs in the store...they may not be as loud but they are just as exhausting.

Your family is adorable!!

bharper529 said...

Hey Anna - Barb Harper from Germany here. Found your blog in a roundabout way, but WOW! You little Monica is beautiful and Leah is just amazing. I wanted the name Leah for one of our girls, but since we are done, you may use it free and clear :-) CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Anna Allred said...

Barb! Where are you?? How are the girls??? Send me your email!!

bharper529 said...

My email is We are at McGuire AFB in NJ and have been for one week shy of a whole year. We like it a lot better than we thought we would. Send me an email I'll tell you all about the girls and anything else you want to know!

The Whetten Family said...

Anna that is hilarious but I think we all learn the hard way....

Alysha Smith said...

Wow! That is embarrasing when kids throw tantrums, but what are you going to do? Every kid throws a tantrum at some point. Savannah is not there yet but she has started to yell back at me when I tell her no.