Monday, September 1, 2008


I've never been tagged before...this oughtta be fun!

8 Facts....

1. If a clean home and happy children didn't require work, I could lay still pretty much all day. I love to just relax!

2. I am blessed to have a husband who, in spite of my roundness, finds me irresistably attractive, and helps me out without having to ask for it. He is as romantic today, if not more, as he was when he was winning me over --he cooks me breakfast in bed for no reason, lets me sleep in when he's the one who has to wake up at or before 6 every morning of the week, and surprises me with chores I intended to do and are already done.

3. I believe I have the two cutest daughters and the best husband that ever lived -- if I were to lose any of them my heart would shatter.

4. I love my God and my Savior. I want to do all I can to make them pleased with me.

5. I love teaching piano lessons in spite of the fact that my students don't always practice. It is rewarding to see them "get it" when they learn a new concept.

6. I believe in taking breaks...many of them, throughout the day. I'm mildly obsessive in having a clean house, but gladly accept interruptions.

7. I am smarter than I sound. I jumble words all the time because I start to say one thing, and think another word would express the thought better and end what was I saying with the change, making me look a bit like a dolt.

8. My vanity motivates me to be healthy. When I am eating right and exercising, I feel better about myself, but I am unwilling to give up certain treats (ice cream). I would rather work twice as hard and enjoy my food than do the minimum and eat bland food.

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Diana said...

Your blog is so cute! I love reading it! Me, you and Kristen should try to do lunch soon. I'm kind of going crazy with the wedding.

Talk to you soon,