Saturday, August 16, 2008


OW OW OW!!! We knew it would happen. 8 gold medals in one Olympics. Amazing.

The best part is- he's still young enough to compete a few more times in the Olympics and increase his career gold count so much that no one will ever compare. This guy is a hero! I loved watching every second that he swam.

And we gotta send a shout out to Dara Torres. The woman has a two year old daughter(...which is enough to motivate me to get off my tush!) and she medals in the Olympics. What an inspiring woman! Yeah. She rocks!

Then- did anyone watch the men's 100 meter dash? The guy started celebrating before he was even halfway through!! I LOVE IT!!


ChristyLou said...

Love it, love it, love it! Aside from wishing they hadn't shown so much of the marathon, last night was pretty exciting! I'm so glad for Michael Phelps, what an amazing thing.

BTW, I'm sad we didn't get to see you in NM, but I totally understand how hard it is to know what's gonna happen from day to day with a newborn. So, no worries and we'll see each other sometime! The funny thing is though, I brought the copy of "Jesus the Christ" that I borrowed from you back in college to return it to you in NM. I guess it will just have to wait a few more years! LOL. I'm just glad we have blogs so we can at last see what's up in each other's lives. LOVE ya!

Alysha Smith said...

So exciting! Michael Phelps is AMAZING as is Dara Torres, she almost won the gold!
The runner from Jamaica was totally celebrating before he crossed the finish line! My husband was like "did you see that, that guy was taunting (sp?) the other runners"