Monday, August 11, 2008


Ok, is it just me, or is everyone else yelling at their TVs? Last night had to be the best race EVER! Ryan and I were on the edge of our seats the whole time...and jumped off the couch when Lezak touched the wall first. HELLO! I know I'm no swimmer, so I can only imagine how pumped people who really follow swimming outside the Olympics were. There are only a few sports I really like to follow in the Olympics --swimming, volleyball, gymnastics, and short distance running. They're so fast paced and I love watching records get shattered.
I think I've cried at least a dozen times since the games started. Ever since living in Germany and since Ryan was in Iraq, I can never hear the national anthem without crying. It stirs a huge emotion of pride in my heart and I just can't hold it in. I love the Olympics because these men and women athletes are inspiring. As representatives of the US, they make me so proud to watch them. I might otherwise be really embarrassed to yell at the TV, but it is so fun to get in to the races and competition. So, til they end-


The Dixon Family said...

Yes. The best race ever. And I get teary when the National Anthem is played too. I can't help it. I think my goosebumps had goosebumps last night.

Steph B said...

That's so funny...we were totally yelling at our TV and high fiving each other, etc. after that awesome race. Just to see those Frenchies eat there words...they deserved it. I love the Olympics!

MIMA said...

You are so cute Anna. I wish I could see you JUMP off the couch and yell! I can't wait till your kids play sports. :0) You will be one of those embarrassing moms like I am and yell your heart out for your kids! You are a doll. I love you.

Kristen Taylor said...

I was so dang excited!! However, I had a sleeping Ryan in my arms so I had to yell in a whisper and bounce up and down with my toes...LOL! It was a great race and I just love the Olympics! Go USA!!