Thursday, August 21, 2008

Memories and Dedications

So--I was trying to come up with a playlist and as I was finding some OLD SCHOOL songs, memories came flooding back. The more I thought about people and events, specific songs came to mind and my playlist is a dedication to the people in my life. If you are reading my blog, chances are there is a dedication there for you...

"Huckleberry" goes out to my sweetie pie, Ryan. When we were driving home from St. George one day after we were engaged, we listened to like 50 songs trying to find the song that spoke to us both to be "our song". We agreed on "Huckleberry" by Toby Keith and I can't say how happy I am that we have two little huckleberries added to the mix! Every time I hear this song, I think of our whirlwind romance and how much fun we had dating!

"Let's Hear It For the Boy" also goes out to Ryan. It sounds so silly, but I hear this song and I start bawling! Well maybe not bawling, but I choke up EVERY time! When he came home from Iraq the second time, they played the Footloose soundtrack to get everyone pumped up. The last song they played before they marched in to "Angry American" was "Let's Hear It For the Boy". All the anticipation for that moment that we could finally be together again comes flooding back and I am reminded of how much I love my sweet husband and what it was like without him, and the joy when that moment finally arrived and they marched into the gym!

"One Step At A Time" goes out to my girls Monica, Cristine and Natalie whose husbands are deployed to Iraq right now. I hear this song, and I remember that sometimes the only thing that got me through two deployments was to take it one day at a time. I think of Natalie on her first deployment and my heart goes out to her for that experience - hers 3 times as long as my first. And Monica and Cristine on their third deployments, and I am amazed at their courage and strength. You inspire me with your optimism and grace.

"Casanova" goes out to Aunty Sarah. I remember driving in her car on her way to the UNM Alpha Chi Omega sorority house and listening to this song! We had so much fun and I looked up to her so much. Still do!

"Superstar" goes out to sweet little Monica, who is our little superstar. She is a great little dancer with natural hip-shaking skills, and singing skills, and making-us-laugh skills. Who- at bedtime--told her daddy, "Daddy, you're a super guy!"

"Baby Mine" goes out to our precious Leah. She is such an easy baby! She sleeps for 7 hours at a time in the night and has the cutest little voice when she coos. She has the sweetest smile with beautiful little dimples. I could hold her and stare at her ALL day!

"Kiss From a Rose" goes out to my Dad. The thing I will always think of most about my dad is how he treats my mom. He set the standard for how I wanted to be treated by my husband. I have never heard him raise his voice towards my mom, and he always went to wherever she was when he came home from work. I can remember them dancing to this song in the kitchen. One time, Matt, Emily and I tried to find this song to play just so we could see them dance. Thank you, Dad, for the most beautiful example of love!

"Never Wanted Nothing More" goes out to my mother-in-law, Kris. I had a great opportunity to live with my in-laws when we first got married and Ryan was in bootcamp. For a lot of people, that would have been a nightmare, but it was what I needed and we developed a great bond. I know miscommunications may happen, but one thing I will never doubt is that I have a friend in Kris. She is a loving mom and I am glad that Ryan has the kind of relationship with her that he does.

"Poison" goes out to Emily. Yeah, baby! "Never trust a big butt and a smile" because she'll tell all your embarrassing moments and torture you with dead moths. But she'll also hold your hand til you fall asleep from crying, and make you laugh so hard you pee your pants. This girl is one of the most talented dancers I know. And I remember her bustin' a move to this song so many times, that it is actually my ringtone for her.

"Du Hast" goes out to Matt. Everytime I hear this song I think of him and his Mortal Kombat games. I loved dancing in the living room with him!

"That Thing You Do" goes out to Christina. I think we listened to the movie soundtrack almost EVERYDAY we drove to West Mesa. I know I was pain in her side a lot, but that time driving to school really meant a lot to me. The days we had fun singing and talking were special to me.

"Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?" goes out to Aunty Theresa. I remember driving to one of Granny's appointments at UNM-H and her telling Granny that she sings this song to Jesus. It touched me so much, that many times I find myself thinking about this song, and Granny and find myself praying these words. Because, seriously, how long has it been since we told Him we loved Him? It was a special moment to witness a mother and daughter bond.

"Cover Girl" goes out to Maggie. Remember playing Barbies and making them rock out to this song and all of the New Kids On the Block TAPE! HAHA! That was such a fun summer!

"1234" goes out to Kimmie and Jodi -- because this song is cool just like them! I love hanging out with them, for how laid back Kimmie is and how passionate Jodi is.

"Mmm Bop" goes out to my Mom. I remember that she bought the CD single of this song and we put it on the stereo system in the living room and blasted it! I loved dancing and singing this song with my siblings and Mom would shake her hips and do a cute little dance into the kitchen. So cute!

"Summertime" goes out to Miriam for two reasons. Number 1- New Kids On the Block were still hot when we met and Number 2- When I transferred to Cibola and wasn't at the same school as my bestest friend, it was hard on me for a while. I loved the summers when we would go running and I had my alone time with her. She was the best listener, and so fun! She could always make me laugh!

"Every Time We Touch" goes out to Lesa. I remember the welcome home ceremony when the Orlando Magic Drill Team came and we saw them dance to this song. We both started dancing. I never could remember what it was called. Then, when I was trying to make a mix CD, I found this song AND Halloween-lo-ween! She was the only one who got as excited as I was!!

"Good To Go" goes out to Spencer and Tricia. This song makes me think about southern New Mexico and going to school in Las Cruces with them. I was excited when Ryan and I started dating to be family with them because it took a lot of pressure off since we were already friends!

"Wild Wild West" goes out to Uncle Paul because I remember this song being played LOUDLY and how much fun Emily and I had, and how cool we thought we were because of this song. LOL!

"Dance Me If You Can" goes out to Melissa and Jessy-- two of my cool cousins I am really enjoying getting to know better!

"Stand" goes out to my Baumholder peeps and Travis and Wendy. This song was my anthem when Ryan was deployed and we were apart. It got me going when I felt like I thought I couldn't hold on anymore. It's about being stronger than you thought you could be. About doing more than you thought you were capable of. It's about having courage.

"Walkin' On Sunshine" goes out to my friends at NMSU and UNM. College would not have been the wonderful experience it was without all of them. I made some great friends and had a blast!

"We Rock" goes out to the Volcano Cliffs YM/YW group from 1994-2000 (and Taylor Ranch and Paradise Hills from 1998 on.) I think it's a testament to what a great bunch of youth we had by how many of us keep in touch! We had the best parties and activities. Testimony meetings were awesome. I survived my teens because of my friends!

"Fresh Prince" goes out to my new Albuquerque friends. When we moved back, I expected to know all sorts of people in my ward because I knew Paradise Hills. NOT! The ward has been split twice since I graduated and most of my friends' parents are in the other wards. This song is about a new beginning, and I am loving getting to know all these wonderful people who have made Paradise Hills what it is!


PamJorg said...

This was very cool! I feel you included me in the second to last one since I was a leader during that AWESOME VC Ward YW organization. You all were a bunch of amazing girls and it was so great just being around all y'all! That ward at that time was the BEST!

Anna Allred said...

Totally! Our leaders ROCKED!

Millers! said...

OH MY GOSH! Seriously whenever I hear "our" songs... I only think of you... and I get all teary eyed.. you rubbed off too much on my Anna!!!! I MISS YOU TOO MUCH.. and I cant believe we keep missing eachother by just a few days! Oh how that hurts.. Love you!

Cristine said...

You are too sweet! I love reading your blog! Glad to hear Leah is a good sleeper!!! :)

Kris said...

Miscommunication...what miscommunication? I love you Anna Lou! Remember going to IHOP with Gramma LeBaron, teaching her to "be spontaneous"? It was fun!!!

The McBride Family said...

You are so cute Anna!!!! I love blogs! We can keep up so easily!!!!!

emily said...

I like what you did with your playlist, I would have to dedicate any Mariah Carey song out to you. Remember listening to those cds for HOURS!! You hated it! And somehow I feel like you are a better person because of it!! Ha ha!!