Sunday, August 31, 2008


Day 2 was all about Monica. We went to Funderland and Fairytale Town and she had a blast! It was pretty hot, but I think we all had a lot of fun in spite of the heat. We had a picnic lunch before we played, and then went on all the rides. I think because of the heat, and most likely because school started, the places were pretty dead. So we got to go on any ride as many times as we wanted!

After all the fun, we got back to the house and jumped in the pool to cool off. Monica and her imagination came up with the idea of "fishing" with swimming noodles.

Here she is casting her "line" waiting for a bite.

She pulled it out and...

She proudly shows off her catch!

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Millers! said...

Ok that is totally hilarious... how did the fish stick? did ryan put it in the whole or something? You guys look like you had an awesome vacation, Doug and I are in need of one, but I have a feeling it wont be for awhile!