Monday, September 21, 2009

Our little singer...

Monica LOVES to sing! And lately, she's been all about Primary songs. She has loved "I Am a Child of God" for a long time, so we caught her on the way home from church one day. She was totally bummed that the CD we were listening to didn't have it on it, so we asked her to sing it for us. I posted the video on Facebook of her not knowing we were taping her. But this one she sang it again for the camera.

This last week we were on our way to the zoo and she decided she wanted to learn "Book of Mormon Stories" by herself. So she asked me to play the song on the CD, then let her sing it. Then play the CD again, and then it was her turn again. It proved pretty effective! I was impressed that it was her idea to keep singing with and without the music to test herself of what she knew. But what really impressed me was when she asked me to sing it with her REALLY slow to make sure she had all the words. What a smart little cookie!!

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Tina said...

how darling!! Thank you so much for always posting on m blog