Sunday, September 6, 2009

Good Luck, Spencer!

Last weekend we went down to Silver City to visit Tricia and Spencer since they are about to embark on a journey as some of the newest members of the military family community. Spencer is going to boot camp next week and we wanted to hang out before he took off.
We had a blast! We went to the Penny Park, which is this awesome park that apparently the kids of the community raised the money to build. How often do you find that in big cities? We also made some rockin' salsa, went to a ballet class that Monica LOVED, and learned a way fun card game. Ever play Russian Rummy? Well, we're totally like, pros now and we love the game. But actually, I think what really made the game fun was the company.

Ryan and Spencer had a chance to go shooting a bit one day, and since I wasn't there I can only report that they said they had a good time. I'm glad they got to spend some time together.

Tricia and I had fun hanging out too! I got lots of fun new ideas and loved talking with her. All I need now is her Hootin' Annies recipe. You should try them. Especially with salsa, even though they are meant to be eaten with syrup. :)
Good luck Spencer! You'll do great at boot camp. And when you come back inhaling your food in 10 seconds flat and serenading Tricia with cadences, Ryan will be right there with ya. Love you guys!!! We're excited for you. And we can't wait to find out where your first duty station will be!!

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