Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lee-lee Leah

When Emily and Julie were visiting, Julie would call Leah, "Lee-lee" and it has stuck around a bit.
I thought it would be a good idea since the last few posts have all been about Monica, to post a bit about Leah.
Her personality is really starting to come out.
She is a daddy's girl through and through!
Anytime she hears a door open or close, she runs around the house with a huge grin saying, "DADA!! DADA!!" I LOVE it! Especially because it was kind of hard to see Monica as a baby not respond the same way to her daddy. He came home from Iraq when she was almost 18 months old. And then it took until a few months after she was 2 for her to being allowing him to comfort her. So it has been fun, especially for Ryan, to be around all of Leah's milestones. I forget sometimes that this is the first time he is experiencing a first tooth, or first steps, or first words. In many ways, he is still a new dad, but with some of the experience and understanding of more seasoned father.  
Leah has also found her voice! She loves to sing when Monica is singing. And she loves to yell when Monica is being particularly loud. She LOVES her big sister and is always trying to get as close to her as Monica will let her. Her favorite thing this week is to get really close to her target and then belly flop onto them!! It's hilarious!! And if you mention the word 'popsicle' in front of her, you'd better be prepared to give her one, NOW!

Leah is still on the small side of the sizing scale. It's not particularly surprising since I'm technically not even 5'0" yet. (Notice the yet? I'm still holding on to the hope that Heavenly Father has one last growth spurt in store for me...) But she is still wearing 6-9 month clothes as she nears the 15 month mark. I'm thinking it's about time for her first haircut. These pictures from this morning have convinced me I may have waited too long!

Anywho, we love our Leah. She is an absolute joy! She is mild mannered, sweet, and loving. She is curious and helpful. She is obedient, even now. I can't wait til she can really start talking more, but especially because Ryan and I envision the best and funniest conversations between Monica and Leah.


The McBride Family said...

6-9 month clothes?? SHe is TINY!! Funny since Monica was such a sweet little chunk!! I love the updates Anna! They are both adorable! :)

Cristine said...

She is adorable, Anna!

Kristen Taylor said...

That is crazy!!! Ryan was the total opposite. He was in 2t at 1 yr!!