Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fly Like Tinker Bell!

The other day in the car as we were driving around, Monica picked a scab and it started bleeding. I'm not sure what started the meltdown. Perhaps it was the sight of blood. Or the lack of a nap that day. Or it really was THAT painful, but she started crying. No. No, it was really more like shrieking.

Anyways, we tried to get her to calm down. We didn't have any tissues in the car and my purse with wipes was in the back of the Blazer. So Ryan told her to blow on it so that it would scab faster.

That just made the cries louder.

So I had her take some deep breaths and finally when I could hear myself over her cries, I told her to flap her arms. Ryan chimed in, "Yeah, Tinker Bell flies really fast when she bleeds so that it won't hurt. Can you fly like Tinker Bell?"

In the cutest little voice, Monica complained, "No, Daddy. I don't have any wings!"

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Eowyn said...

Cute story! Missed you today at the breakfast but I'm back in town now. Moved back on Thursday. Email me your phone number and we can get together!