Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Home Rules

Thank you Lesa for this -er, fun, yeah that's it! Fun tag! I don't know when, and I don't know how, but I'll get you back.

The rules are to grab your camera and take pictures of the following with NO CLEANING UP!

The kitchen sink... not too shabby, eh?

The toilet... you pee blue too, don't you

The laundry room...ok, so this room needs some work! I'm not quite sure what shaving cream is doing on the dryer.

The Refrigerator ... yikes! What's sad about this picture is that half this food wasn't there an hour before I took the picture. We have some friends who just moved and they gave us all their cold food on their way outta dodge.

The closet... I love my shoe cubbies!

Favorite shoes... any flip flop..

For exercising...

and for church...

What the kids are doing now... well, at least this is what they were doing when I took the picture. Monica dresses herself every morning. And she loves to "share" her cartoons with Leah.

Favorite Room...

Dream vacation...
any place with an island and a beach!

Self Portrait

I tag Emily, Pam J, Kristen, Jodi...Have Fun!!!


PamJorg said...

Oh you evil, evil girl! This happens to be a messy week cuz all 4 of my kids are home for a 2 week fall break!! Evil!!

OK, OK...I'll do it for you my dear Anna!!

The Dixon Family said...

Hey, I have that bowl!

(the one in your sink . . .)

The McBride Family said...

SWEET!!! I love that Monica "shares" her cartoons and you are fabulous of course!

Alysha Smith said...

Your house is cute. I have that same shower curtain!
Hey, we need to get together!

emily said...

I agree with Pam...you are evil. I have not made up my mind yet if I will do it...we'll see!
ha ha!! Your house looks good...I love Monica's outfit.

Stephanie said...

LOL love that she "shares" her cartoons. K does that with David too. :-)

Email me... lost your email again!

milbergers at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Dude. Your house looks really good. If I were to photography mine, I would cry. There is packing stuff everywhere and a huge "to be donated" pile". I shook a magic 8 ball and asked it, "will Anna, Kristen, and I have lunch soon?" and it said ,"outlook good". So, lets do lunch!

Love Ya!

daveandraechel said...

What a fun picture collage. Its neat to see how our friends that we don't see often live.

Cash Crew said...

That's awesome! I'm so glad you didn't tag me!!!

Kristen Taylor said...

Hey :) You are kinda evil ya know that! :) Good thing I just cleaned my house... well parts of it. LOL... now for the pics...hmm.