Thursday, September 18, 2008


I thought this was funny!

This is the second election I have followed and actually paid attention to. I know we all hope for a change and both sides are promising big changes. But honestly, let's get real. Presidents don't have all the power to fulfill all the campaign promises these men are making. To be honest, there isn't much I really understand about it all, but I am still excited to cast my vote come Nov. 4th.

So what am I looking for? Well, my future will be with the military. When Ryan completes his degree, he will commission and we will be an active duty military family again. I feel a little bit of trepidation at the thought, and it's that fear that motivates my vote. Who will understand the troops and their families? Who has the experience to understand what families of war veterans need? Who will fight to insure that they get the benefits they need? Who understands the nature of war and believes that our men and women can finish what they start?

I know that I fall in the minority of our nation's people by not opposing the war. Yes, there are a few soldiers too thirsty for blood. But I believe the vast majority of them believe in their cause...if not to take out vicious dictators, but to take the war to the terrorists and keep it off American soil. That is a cause worth fighting for. That is a cause worth sacrificing for. And when you have put your heart on the line for God and country, you can't turn your back on the soldiers and their reasons to fight. It is a hard life. The money is not worth it. Not even for officers. But it's the deeper reasons why they do it. They are aware of the risks when they enlist. That's why they enlist and sign up. Because they believe our nation is worth fighting, and yes, dying for.

As a wife of a vet, I have seen the effects of war firsthand- how a man can change and be changed. Some changes were for the better, and some not so much better. But my soldier knew the reasons he was fighting. And it was a deep love and belief in him that kept me by his side. And I won't stand by and let anyone take that reason away from him or any other soldier without letting my voice be heard.

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Millers! said...

Well Said Anna.. you totally made me cry... and you know that is pretty rare! love you