Saturday, September 6, 2008

Tagged Again

4 Things I like about my hubby!
*He's a studmuffin
*He gives me backrubs almost every night
*We can talk for hours...until his head hits the pillow and then it's lights out!
*He understands Anna-speak

4 Movies I can watch more than once
* Pride and Prejudice
* While You Were Sleeping
* "Friends" DVD Set
* Bring It On

4 Tv Shows
* Ugly Betty!!
* Biggest Loser--SO Motivating!
* Wheel of Fortune

4 Places I have visited
*Florence, Italy
*cities all over Germany
*London, England
*Boleslavic, Poland

4 people who email me regularly
*My mom's friend, Andrea. She sends some funny jokes!
*I talk to Emily almost everyday, if not 2 or 3 times a day.
*I talk to Lesa the next most often.
*Life is busy! That's why I have a blog!

4 Favorite Foods
*Ice Cream
*Rahm Schniztel - SERIOUSLY the Best Food EVER!!
*Doner kebap
*Ice Cream Bars

4 Places I want to Visit
*Washington -- Unless Lesa gets to ABQ first.
*Washington D.C.
*Back to Germany.

4 Things that I am looking forward to in the next year
*Getting out of credit card debt
*Growing my hair out some more
*Leah finding her voice
*Ryan being halfway done with college!

4 People to tag
*Christina Taylor
*Sam Moody -gotcha back!
*Sara Whetten
*Alysha Smith

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