Monday, September 8, 2008

Making Lemonade

I guess I knew it would happen.

Every kid does it, right?


I remember when Ashley did it.
I saw the pictures of Isaac.
Monica chopped her hair.

So I tried making some lemonade out of the lemons in her hair. I had to add bangs again, which I think make her look little again.


Millers! said...

Oh its not as bad as I thought it was going to be, she is adorable with bangs! Good fixing mom!

Cristine said...

OMG!!! But she looks cute!

emily said...

She looks good. Not too bad...I thought it was going to be shorter. Now where to hide the scissors?! JK!! Love you!

Alysha Smith said...

Very cute! email me so we can try to get together one Friday.

Conforti Family said...

Welcome to Kadees world! She has cut her hair so many times I dont even know where she finds the scissors. She always cuts the same spot too! You did a good job fixing it !! I think it's hilarious!

Cash Crew said...

Bummer! Kenzi hasn't...I'm not even going to say it cause i'll jinx myself. She looks adorable none the less:)!