Monday, March 2, 2009

Monica's First Temple Trip

Our ward's Primary had an activity at the temple this past Saturday. They gave the kids tours of the grounds and told them all about the temple. Ryan took Monica for her first trip to the temple as a daddy/daughter date. I told him to take pictures, but it was so bright outside he couldn't tell the camera was set on black and white! So here are a couple of my favorites.

Afterwards, Ryan bought Monica a CTR ring (CTR stands for Choose The Right) and took her out for some Keva Juice Smoothies. I am so proud of all she remembered from the trip. We drove by the stake center yesterday and Monica said, "That's a church. But that's not the temple."


Price Family Adventure!!!! said...

I love the temple. I think that is awesome they took the children to the temple. I am glad Monica liked it.

ChristyLou said...

What beautiful pictures at the most beautiful place on earth! I love taking our kids to the Temple, we need to do it again soon. It sounds like it was a special day for daddy and daughter.