Sunday, March 8, 2009

Co-op Anxiety

I joined a babysitting co-op this month and I am really excited to get started. The idea of having a safe place for my kids to go when I need it is really encouraging. I'm also excited because I think it will give me the opportunities for adult interaction throughout the week that I might not otherwise get, as people bring their kids over to play. And my shift is only one day a week for four hours?? Seriously, why didn't I consider joining sooner???

I am a little anxious though. Monica is MOSTLY a good sharer. And she is MOSTLY a good playmate. But I worry about her being mean and trying to take a toy away from someone else who just discovered how cool that dormant toy really is. And I worry about her not listening and trying to get away with things just because her friends are over. I know I will just have to stand my ground, and if she crosses the line, she'll have to do timeout in front of her friends and be embarrassed. I'm sure it won't be nearly as bad as I think it will be. Monica will probably share really well. And she probably will listen.

Because she really is a good girl!


The Dixon Family said...

My mom told me once:

"Consistency is the key to raising children."

Stick to your guns and she'll learn what's acceptable and what's not.

Hard to believe she's big enough for play dates?!?!?

Millers! said...

She will be fine, she might be better than you think she will do. I need to join a co-op.. it would save me money!

Laura Clark said...

You are darling. Every mom has those worries. Your kids are darling and I'm sure they will be great. They are still kids and will still do what kids do, just like all the other kids.
Enjoy your free time!

Stephanie said...

She'll do great, don't worry!

daveandraechel said...

Sometimes I don't consider other moms "adult interaction". If we're talking about poop and time outs, that doesn't qualify. It has to be non-kid centered for that to happen. So the only "adults" I hang out with are people that don't have kids. sad.

Amanda Farrow said...

You worry to much!! :)