Friday, March 20, 2009

A Few Posts in One...LOTS of Pictures!

LEAH- is crawling now. Everywhere. A couple cheerios that were at the edges of the couch that the vacuum didn't get...she got them first. EW! But she's still alive, so I think we're ok. On the bright side, they were only there since Monica was munching on them during her morning cartoon. No worries! I made a video clip for posterity. At exactly 8 months, one week, six days and 11 hours...(just kidding, I don't know the exact time.) Leah crawled without laying down before she reached her goal.
Here she is proud of herself!

MONICA- has a new obsession. Hopscotch. Or, as she calls it, Hop Hooey. (Maybe Hot Poohy?) Either way, she got the idea from Tigger and Pooh. SO, today after Ryan and I finished raking the rest of winter's dead leaves, we cleaned off the concrete slab and I drew her one ULTIMATE HUNDRED ACRES HOPSCOTCH COURSE. She loves it! It was the first time in a long time that she couldn't stop giggling while I was drawing it because she was that excited.

The course. It has 63 squares!

Monica and Lumpy. For those who have not seen the new Tigger and Pooh movies in the last 5 years, Lumpy is Roo's new best friend. He is a heffalump.

"Thanks for noticin'." Monica and Eeyore.

"Oh d-d-d-dear!" Monica and Piglet.

"My friends, Tigger and Pooh, we're always there for each other."

Or- as Monica sings it- "MY FRIENDS! Tigger and Pooh, na na na where is the Tigger?"

It works.

Per Monica's request, I went back today (3/21) and did Rabbit and Darby.

RYAN- has been working hard at school but has reached a fork in the road. He recently submitted his application for a job with the FBI. This is a job that he could directly use his experience in the Army. So keep your fingers crossed and say a little prayer for him that his application will see through the entire process and if it be God's will, that he gets this job. He is so ready to start his career, and I can't think of anyone more qualified for this job. As I was helping him type it all out and word it just right, I had the awesome opportunity to hear more of his experiences in Iraq. I will admit, most of them brought me to tears, but it helped me to understand more fully this man at my side. I love him SO MUCH! He is the bravest and strongest person I have ever met.

As for ME I am keeping busy being Mom. Leah's forays into mobility and Monica's growing independence keep me on my toes. I do have a little bit of spare time because (thank you Heavenly Father!) the girls take a nap at the SAME TIME, so I get almost two hours to myself everyday. So I have been reading, writing, quilting, composing, and blogging in my spare time. I couldn't be a happier mom. I have genuinely good kids and an amazing husband. I am surrounded by wonderful family members I get to see on almost a weekly basis. To channel some Chandler Bing -- Could I BE more blessed?!


Millers! said...

Oh Anna, I miss you so much! I cant wait to see your little girls and YOU and Ryan again! your hoppity Hooey is the cutest ever, I cant believe your characters, Ok I can... that is way awesome!!! your an awesome mom!!!! Love you guys so much!

The McBride Family said...

Anna what a FUN post and what a FUN mom you are!! Your drawing are so incredible. Seriously I wish I could even draw half as well. Our chalk time consists of hearts and writing I LOVE ALEXIS. HA HA. I also loved the Chandler Bing comment. I totally laughed. Miss you guys!

Steph B said...

You are an awesome mommy and so talented in many ways! I didn't know you could draw too! Your "Pooh" pictures are beautiful.

Stephanie said...

Geez - can you BE any more talented?! And definitely blessed - a 2 hour nap time at the SAME TIME?! Oooh... That sounds so good. We're keeping our fingers crossed for Ryan!

Price Family Adventure!!!! said...

Wow those characters are awesome Anna. You are so talent. I just love your happiness. You are a great mom. That is very exicting about Ryan will prayer for him. Good luck to him too. Your girls are gorgeous. There very luck to have you and Ryan as parents. Your such great people.

ChristyLou said...

What a sweet, wonderful post!! I just loved reading it. I'm so glad that you guys are so happy and that you love being a mommy. I hope that things work out for the best with Ryan's job and thanks again to him, and YOU, for his service in defense of our country. I'm so grateful for the sacrifices you, and others like you, have made.

On a lighter note, did you draw all of those Pooh characters?? They look amazing. So many fun things you guys are doing! Love you and miss you!

PamJorg said...

Hey Anna! If you really wanna know more about Coupon $ense I can get you some info...what is your email and I will have my friend contact you!!

Becky Clinton said...

You guys are just all too cute. Miss you.

Cristine said...

HOLY MOLY!!!! You are one talented mama!!! I loved all the pics... and of course your FRIENDS reference! :)

Amanda Farrow said...

I'm impressed Anna!! I think Ryan is a perfect candidate for the FBI.

emily said...

Holy Moly! You put this unartistic mother to shame! Even my mickey mouse couldn't look that good. Wow... you are amazing, now to go pump myself up in the mirror. "i'm wonderful, I'm special, I can't draw like my sister but gosh darn it, people like me!" Seriously, you are tiggerific!!