Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Monica, the Hairdresser

I thought this progression was so funny!
1. Monica combs Leah's hair.

2. Then she shows Leah how she looks with the mirror half of the brush.

3. Leah likes what she sees.

4. Leah shows off her 'do.

AND...For anyone who doesn't believe that Leah actually smiles (because in person, she is a very serious baby) I present the next picture.
Ryan was playing peek-a-boo around the kitchen/dining room wall and Leah got a huge kick out of it.
AND... for anyone who doesn't believe she makes a sound, (because in person, she is really quiet and content to watch things around her) I present the following video.

We have some funny girls!

Ryan took Monica to the Walmart in Rio Rancho last Friday to check it out. We think it might be closer than the Walmart by Cottonwood. Since Monica loves the scooter at Nana and Papa's, Ryan thought he would check out the price and see about getting one for her. Well, he decided he would let her choose - the toy she was playing with, or the scooter. She didn't pick the scooter, she picked a...


I think it's so cute how she says it that I always pick up the hula hoop and ask her what it is. She likes to throw it around her waist, watch it drop and then swing her hips. Funny girl!


Cristine said...

Cute, cute, cute!!!

ChristyLou said...

I just love girls! Watching sisters together is so fun. I love it that Monica was doing Leah's hair. Kaylee is always dressing Cambri up in the most outrageous outfits...she's Kaylee's doll! So fun! That video of Leah is precious.