Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Monica- 6 year old

A little bit about our favorite 6 year old.
1. Favorite Colors- Pink and purple
2. Favorite Movie- "Barbie in a Fashion Fairytale"
3. Favorite Activity- Drawing. She loves to draw cartoon characters, her family, love notes, dress designs, animals, etc. If she can imagine it, she will try to draw it. 
4. Newest Skill- Reading. She loves to read to her sisters.
5. Developing Skill- Cartwheels. 
6. Favorite Food- Cheese sticks, enchiladas, and mango.

A few things you probably didn't know about Monica.
1. Monica is fashion conscious. She loves to dress herself and go shopping for accessories.
2. She has a very low threshold for pain. Bandaids will make just about anything feel better.
3. Monica secretly loves showers. She loves to let the warm water fall on her.
4. Monica is very spiritual. She has learned to pray when things are hard, when she needs help calming down, and when she is scared after a bad dream. She has a very sweet testimony.
5. Monica likes her hair to be evenly distributed around her head. She does not like all of it on one side of her face.
6. Monica wants to learn to play the piano. I decided before I had children that I would never shove piano lessons down their throat. I didn't want to be that mom that forces their own passion on their children. It pleases me that she finds the piano compelling on her own. 

We sure love our sweetheart, Monica. She is passionate, funny and loving. She sets a good example for her younger sisters and gets her feelings hurt more often from offering her help and being rejected than anything else. She loves to help and finds joy in being of service to others. She loves learning. She is a joy to have in our family! 

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Gramma Kris said...

She is truly a precious child!