Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Leah- 3 year old

Some things about our favorite 3 year old.
1. Favorite Foods: Bread, any fruit, and popsicles.
2. Favorite Colors: Blue, pink and purple.
3. Favorite Activity: Play dough, riding her bike, dancing, twirling, and whatever her big sister is currently doing. 
4. Newest Skill: Making her bed. 
5. Developing Skill: Choosing her clothes in the mornings. She is getting quite good putting together an outfit that matches.
A few other fun facts about Leah.
1. Leah can eat a whole tub of strawberries by herself. She's done it several times.
2. Leah has impeccable comedic timing. 
3. Leah loves to give reports when she succeeds and is great at shrugging off failures. 

Leah is the life of the party here, with her easy smile and laughter. She loves to follow in her big sister's footsteps and is learning to be a big helper. She is easy going and often the yin to Monica's yang. She has a wonderful way of bringing out the best in Monica and just as easily can push buttons to bring out the worst. She is a true little sister. She loves to snuggle and be in Mom or Dad's lap whenever she can. She hates picking up unless it's her idea and loves being read to. She is a bottomless pit and will eat all day long if we let her. Leah is a great blessing to have in our family!

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