Tuesday, September 27, 2011

August Gems

We found these tiny cans of coke and couldn't resist them. Ryan has been trying to quit soda for a while and we thought these would be perfect for those "gotta have it" moments, instead of the 44oz. cups from Sonic. Ryan grabbed one and Jillian got a hold of it. She has been teething and loved the feel of the cool tin against her gums. 

We had an awesome rainstorm and we got inches of water running down our street to the arroyo at the end of the street. Monica and Leah plopped themselves in the front door to watch the water rush by. Ryan went out in the rain and got soaked in about 3 seconds flat. I waited to have my fun after the rain stopped pouring. 
 You have to love a good rainfall in the desert!

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Erin said...

Anna, your girls are darling as usual...and I just have to tell you that you look FANTASTIC! SKinny minny! Miss you guys, hope you come back when Ryan is done with school!