Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chile Season

We had a couple friends over to teach them how to peel and pack roasted, authentic, delicious, Hatch green chile. We had a little peeling party. We did Sara and Michelle's 25 lbs and then Ryan and I did about 75 lbs of our own. We are set! We love green chile!

 That weekend, Kris and Lonnie came to visit. Kris requested some red chile, so the next picture I dedicate to my dad, who taught me how to make the best chile in the world. This batch turned out wonderfully. We ate it all within two days!


Miriam said...

Oh my gosh, this makes me miss New Mexico so bad I could cry! Enjoy that chile all year long for me, will ya?

The Dixon Family said...

Anna! I never followed up with you, but I roasted some here and froze it (thanks to your super advice) and we love it!!!! Thank you so much!!!