Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Birthday Time (The Pictures)

This year Monica turned 6 and Leah turned 3 years old. Since their birthdays were in June when Ryan was working in California for the summer, they opted to wait to have their party so Daddy could be there. Monica wanted it to be a surprise and Leah just wanted cake and presents. So we did our best. Ryan came home August 1st, so if it was going to be a surprise, we had to wait until Monica wasn't thinking about it anymore. We had to convince her we just weren't having a party. The surprise eventually got spoiled in order to secure cooperation on the day. The girls had stayed up really late the night before messing around so they were none too happy with each other the morning of the party. It was just the trick. We had a fun party with some of our friends. We have felt so welcomed and made so many friends as well as renewing old friendships that we felt bad we couldn't invite everyone. We had a water balloon challenge, a three-legged race, and a corn bag toss with (gluten free) cake and ice cream. Here are the pictures. 
 Monica's "Barbie in a Fashion Fairytale" inspired cake. 
Leah's Strawberry Shortcake inspired cake.

The two sides.

Leah is 3!

Monica is 6!

Our party-goers:
Katie Harrington and Elena Curnutt
Isaac Miller and Monica 
Ashlynne Miller and Leah 
May and Camille Harrington
May is one of our fabulous babysitters. We love her! 
Katie Curnutt and Chase Miller
The corn hole toss.
Blowing out the candles.

Later on, Brigham, Bennet and Emmaline Parry were able to come and party with us with their brand new baby sister. After the fun was over, Ryan watched the kiddos so Lesa and I could go do a little shopping at Old Navy.

One man. Five kids aged 3-7. He really is a stud.

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RachelBQuist said...

Did you make their cake, Anna? It's beautiful!