Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Time

Last year, Monica had the help of Uncle Matt and Aunt Elisha for carving her pumpkin. 
This year, she asked if she could paint her pumpkin that she picked at the pumpkin patch. 
We thought that was a great idea, so we covered the table and floor and brought out the brushes and paint and the girls went to town on their pumpkins!

 Monica said she was painting a garden on her pumpkin.
 I'm not sure Leah really had a theme.
 Ryan wasn't about to miss the chance to bake fresh pumpkin seeds. 
He carved his pumpkin.
 See the garden coming to life now?
 I thought Leah made some good color choices.
 Painters usually work with two brushes at a time, right?
 One very pleased artist.
 After we painted pumpkins, Mary Scrivner joined us for dinner.
She was our first regular babysitter when we moved to Albuquerque and we love her!
So imagine our happiness that she was also down here in Las Cruces, going to school!

 Ryan's finished product. 
Leah doesn't like the pumpkin without the candle in it. 
She whimpers and whines if it's looking at her, 
so poor Jack faces the corner until he gets a candle at night.

 I painted a haunted house on my pumpkin, per Monica's request.

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Cristine said...

Love the pumpkins! Great job!