Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Monica and Leah's First Ballet Recital

Monica and Leah had their first ballet recital at the end of September. Since it was our last weekend in Albuquerque, it's taken me this long to finally get the pictures up. It was a hectic weekend, to say the least!

The day before the recital, Ryan was awakened by Monica at about 3:30am. He walked her back to bed and then stopped to use their bathroom on the way back to bed. Why is this TMI important to include? Because 20 minutes later he was awakened yet again, but this time by the chirping baby chick toy that was on the floor in the bathroom he had just used and was alerted to the bathroom flooding taking place on the south side of our house! So at 4:00am we called our property manager and he called the plumbers and carpet repair guy. The carpet guy showed up first, and he was able to suck most of the water up out of the carpets. When the plumbers came at 8, they discovered the busted pipe was under the bathtub. In order to get down there, they would have to tear up the floor, which would be a considerable undertaking and require the permission of the property owners. Well, our property owners were out of the country and only available by email. At 4pm, we finally got word that the plumbers were given the ok, but then found out that they weren't going to be able to come until the following Monday.

So we were without running water for roughly 86 hours. It was brutal! Luckily, Aunty Sarah offered to take the girls Saturday morning while we trimmed the yards and weeded, so they were able to get their baths before the recital. So here are my favorite pictures. Monica stared at the ground for most of her solo-duet, and Leah followed her cue. It was also very sunny, so these were the best I could get of my sensitive eyed girls!

Rowan, Leah, Monica, Kenzi, Aly, and Katie with Miss Sarah

These cupcakes at the end were not only beautiful, but delicious, too!

The recital was really cute and the girls had fun dancing! I think their favorite part was the butterflies. They start out tucked into a cocoon, and then they slowly wiggle out and then spread their wings and flutter like butterflies with ribbons. And they both continue to dance with all they learned from Miss Sarah. :)

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Cristine said...

Little girls dancing are the best! They look BEAUTIFUL in yellow!!!