Monday, October 25, 2010

Trick or Treat, Paint My Feet

Before we carved and painted pumpkins this year, the girls and I got into the fun of Halloween by painting our toenails orange and black. For some reason, Ryan didn't want to join in *that* fun. So he took a few pictures for us. After doing the girls' toes, I grunted, held my breath, stretched and managed to get mine done too. It may be time to stop painting my own toenails. But it was worth the smiles on Monica and Leah's faces as they got their pedicures!

 Leah was especially stoked about the feet soaking massager.
 So excited for their pedicures!
 Monica's turn! She kept saying, "Wow, Mom! I never knew we had a feet soaker. This is cool!"

 Leah's toes.
 Monica's turn!
 Monica's toes.
Our matching toesies!


The McBride Family said...

Super cute! I bet they LOVED that!!! You did a great job AND your pumpkin is amazing!! You are so talented ANna!!!

Becky Clinton said...

I can't believe you tiger striped your own toe nails as pregnant as you are! **high five**

Cristine said...

Awesome job!