Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Monica had Red Ribbon Week at her school and they asked them to wear red one day. Well, it turns out her closet is stocked full of every color BUT red. So I improvised and tried my hand at making her a few little rosettes. Then she had a terrible night coughing and sneezing, so we kept her home from school on the red day. The next day was "Tie a knot drugs" so we paired her tie with the rosettes.

Later that day, Cristine came up from El Paso to make bows with me and I made another rosette. The next day, Leah wanted her pictures taken like Monica the day before.


Cristine said...

I love them!!!! I know I said it when I was there, but it is worth saying again! I am still practicing and maybe soon I will have one that is blog-worthy! I need to find that red ribbon! :)

emily said...

cute halloween pics. looks like the girlies had fun.