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Hello. My name is Anna, and I'm addicted to Facebook.
Just kidding! (Not really.)

It dawned on me that I post a lot of the day to day stuff that makes me laugh on Facebook, and sometimes that means some of my family who do not have a FB account don't get to be a part of some of the brilliantly hilarious things my children do and say. So, I'm going back through the last few months to post here, some of my favorites.

And, since I just found out that there is an affordable site to turn my blog into a book for a family scrapbook album, I want to include the fun things that do happen in the day to day. So here's from right about the time we found out we were pregnant again. Enjoy!

Anna Allred is going to have a fun guessing game in a month or so. I planted 7 herbs and Monica and Leah thought it would be a great idea to pull my identifying flags out. : P

April 21 at 10:21am

Anna Allred Has the best hubby EVER! I ended up with a fever yesterday that knocked me out by 6:30. Ryan came home with all the get better stuff AND scrubbed the kitchen clean and picked up the den. THANK YOU, BABE!! (Now, if I could just get rid of the fever and congestion...)

April 27 at 8:08am

Anna Allred has a bun in the oven. Looking good to cook all the way this time!

April 27 at 9:24pm

‎"Mom, it's broken! We have to get a different one." Monica, after opening a birthday card we'd picked out that didn't make any noise.

May 3 at 3:46pm

Anna Allred loves hearing, "You're the bestest cooker ever, Mom!" when I go all out and make gourmet meals such as frozen chicken nuggets and grapes...

May 7 at 6:06pm

We were watching "Celebrity Apprentice" tonight, the girls were in the toy room and we heard Leah giggling followed by, "It's not funny, Leah!" followed by even more giggling. They are SO sisters!

May 9 at 10:12pm

This stinkin' wind! Blew my patio furniture over, which knocked my herb pots over, essentially killing my parsley and oregano. GRRRR! (At least I think that's what they are. They aren't fully mature yet, but you can kinda tell the one is gonna be parsley or cilantro...)

May 10 at 9:10am

 Monica- ♫I love to see the temple, we're going there someday, to feel the Holy Spirit, to listen and to pray. For the temple is a house of God, a place of Sleeping Beauty. I'll prepare myself while I am young, this is my secret duty. ♫

May 17 at 5:59pm

Anna Allred has a silly 4 year old. She grabbed a handful of Leah's new Pampers diapers and made a bouquet because she likes the way they smell. THEN, she took Leah's little penguin doll, stuffed it in her shirt and strutted around showing off her new chest augmentation!

May 19 at 11:41am

MONICA:"Mom, I can see over Kenzi's forehead and she is 5. So that makes me 6." 

ME: "No, that just makes you taller than Kenzi. You're still 4." 

MONICA: "But Mom, I want to be 6!" 

ME: "Well, you have to be 5 first honey." 

MONICA: "UGH! I just want to be 6!!"

May 20 at 1:17pm

Huh. I just had my first "Mom, stop trying to be cool in front of my friend," moment with Monica. Can't say I liked it much...

May 26 at 3:07pm

RYAN: "Monica, what did you learn today?" 

MONICA: "I can't learn anything. I'm not 5 and I'm not in school yet!"

May 26 at 11:24pm

 MONICA: "Mom, how is the baby gonna get out of your tummy? Do you have to go to the doctor and they cut you open?" 

ME: "No, I'm going to push it out." 

MONICA: "Like through your belly button??"

May 28 at 3:28pm

Why do I always get the feeling that when I tell Leah something she is wanting to eat or drink is yucky, that she's looking at me thinking, "And? Your point is?"

June 3 at 11:23am

We were headed out the door today (I was putting on Leah's shoes) when all of a sudden Monica burst into tears and began to hyperventilate. Once she calmed down enough to understand, she blurted out, "The cat TRICKED-ED me! She tricked-ed me, Mom, so she could run outside and escaaaaaape!!"

June 3 at 8:38pm

I took dinner outside to the girls, and when I walked out with my plate, I found them both with their heads bowed and Monica saying the blessing while Leah repeated it. Could they be any sweeter?

June 12 at 7:15pm

Well, we made it through all of church without a potty accident. But making it to the potty after getting out of the car proved too much. Poor Leah. And more importantly, poor Aunty Emily who had to clean it up. Thanks sister! I'd say I owe you, but you might actually take me up on it. So just thank you!! ;)

June 13 at 11:01pm

I must be a mom. I was at the three-way stop on Irving and a guy ran his stop sign and without thinking I blurted out, "AH! Naughty boy!"

June 14 at 1:52pm

I told Monica, "Thank you, baby," today and she goes, "I'm not a baby! I don't have tiny hands and feet," to which Leah responded, "I do!"


June 14 at 5:49pm

I asked Monica to water the herbs since they were starting to dry out. So instead of just watering them like normal, her logic was that even more water would make them grow faster. So now the one part of my garden that was still alive has drowned and I'm not sure how to fix it without dumping all the dirt out with the water. :(

June 21 at 7:32am

I love how everytime Monica sees an ultrasound pic she says, "That's a picture of my baby, that's in yoooour tummy!"

June 24 at 8:36am

‎"Hey, look! There's a star in the sky. Everyone be quiet so I can make a wish!" -Monica on the way home tonight...

June 27 at 9:10pm

Huh. I never knew what Monica and Leah's names meant. Monica Kay - "advisor" and "rejoice" in Greek. Leah Grace- "light of the sun" in Irish and Scottish, and "grace" in pretty much any language. So going off ancestral languages, these girls have cooler names than I'd thought!

July 1 at 9:39am

 ‎"Mom! I did my own hair today! Do I look fabulous??"- Monica, with a headband across her forehead and three different flowers pinned in her hair.

July 6 at 10:29am

So Monica is all about the Swivel Sweeper G2. Have you seen those? She keeps saying, "One click, Mom. That's all! One click and all the trash comes out! I need one. We should get one for my birthday when I turn 6!" Her future hubbs is going to love her. She'll always be happy with a new cleaning gadget. LOL!

July 10 at 12:47pm

Not sure what's up with the girls lately. Monica refused to sleep in her bed because she thought there was sand in it. There's not. Ryan found Leah early yesterday morning hugging the bag of cat food under the dining room table trying to entice the cat. Add Monica talking to herself at 4am too, and my mind is are weird.

July 13 at 9:02am

Monica: "Mom, I want to see Jesus and see the holes in His hands." 

Me: "You will. We all will one day."

Monica: "Yeah. Except for Dad. Because he will be at work." 

Ryan and I about died laughing...

July 14 at 5:17pm

 Ryan asked Monica, "What's the difference between girls and women?" and she said, "Women are moms and girls are sweethearts." I love her!

July 15 at 8:42pm

Monica: "I think you're getting old, Mom." Me: "Oh? Why do you think that?" Monica: "Because you have black dots on your face." Apparently beauty marks are also age markers. Still in my 20's and my kid thinks I'm old!

July 17 at 4:28pm

‎*YAWN* I really shouldn't be this tired. Thank you, Cat, for waking us up this morning at the crack of dawn by trying to jump into our bedroom's closed windows. It was a really pleasant way to wake up.

July 27 at 8:35am

I walked into the den to see Leah standing on the arm of the couch yelling, "To eeeeee and YON!" and then falling on the cushions. In case you were wondering, she's saying "To inifinity and beyond!" HAHA!

July 29 at 10:05am

Me: "Leah is turning into a little toot!" 

Monica: "No she isn't! She isn't coming out of butts!"

July 30 at 1:02pm

Monica: "Landon's not coming today? But I'm going to marry him!" 

Me: "Oh, you think so?" 

Monica: "Yeah! But not right now. Later when he's this much taller than me and I can dance with him at the ball. Then we'll get married."

August 2 at 8:53am

I told the girls not to jump on my bed. Their solution? Face planting instead...

August 4 at 12:00pm

Monica and Ryan were wrestling until all of a sudden Monica yells, "Daddy, STOP! My boogers are falling all the way out!!"

August 5 at 5:48pm

Huh. Apparently BOTH our girls are sleepwalkers. Thankfully, it's not serious. Monica just walks to our bed and Leah just finds a place out in the hall to get comfy and sleeps there. I did a little research and I guess it's genetic in some cases. So do I say it's my fault even though I only have little episodes?

August 10 at 8:40am

 ‎"Mom, I'm gonna marry Daddy when I grow up because none of the boys that are my friends want to marry me. Is that a good idea?" 

-Apparently Landon and Ryan both rejected her this week. Her poor little was set on Traekon for a few hours. I guess she gave up!

August 13 at 7:57pm

Gah! Couldn't even make through meeting the teacher without crying...maybe that just means I got it out now and it won't be so hard tomorrow.

August 19 at 11:30am

 I did it!! I made it without crying, believe it or not. I just got a little choked up when they lined up- but no tears! I told Monica to have fun and she turned around and yelled, "I will!" Here's hoping she comes back as excited as she left! YAY for Kindergarten!!

August 20 at 9:42am

 I asked Monica if she made some new friends today and she said, "Yeah! I made friends with a striped shirt, a green dress, and my friend with the yellow hair." HAHAHA!

August 20 at 4:42pm

‎"Mom, Jesus is all crumbled." Me: "why is He crumbled?" Monica: "Because He's in my heart and my heart is CRUMBLED!!"

All this because Leah wouldn't share a cheeseball!

August 24 at 7:34am

Hallelujah!!! The last obstacle was cleared. Ryan was officially accepted into his degree program today!! Now all that's left to worry about is finding a place to live and moving down there. Yahoo!!

August 30 at 5:18pm

I've always known that I talk in my sleep. Ryan said last night I said, "Oh my dear! There's a tiny mist down there!" in an Irish accent. Where did the accent come from and why can't I use it when I'm awake?!

September 4 at 7:34am

I've always known that I talk in my sleep. Ryan said last night I said, "Oh my dear! There's a tiny mist down there!" in an Irish accent. Where did the accent come from and why can't I use it when I'm awake?!

September 4 at 7:34am

Monica asked to pray tonight and she said, "Thank you for Mommy and Daddy, and thank you for Leah and me, and thank you for you too." :)

September 12 at 8:17pm

It's the third week of school and Leah finally realized that Monica isn't here to play with her. It's been, "Monica, where are you?" all day!

September 14 at 11:54am

‎8am and I've already cleaned toothpaste from the carpet, mopped up a big milk spill, and got a bruise on my hip from slipping and falling in said milk mess. Oh yeah, we're off to a good start!

September 18 at 8:13am

Pointing her wand at me, Monica said, "Make this mother clean super fast! . . . Darn. My magic wand doesn't work. It ran out of soup." Sorry, honey. MOM ran out of soup!

September 21 at 5:08pm

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