Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tuesday Nights

I've been doing pretty good keeping up with current events so I thought I would dedicate a posting to a regularly occurring event. Tuesday nights, Aunty Sarah, Melissa, Jessy and Mikey make their way across town from the east side for Melissa's piano lessons. I'm either a really good piano teacher, or they really love me. I mentioned this to Aunty Sarah, and she said it was both! I'm so glad, because after her lesson is over, I get to hang out with my aunt and cousins and we have so much fun! Emily has been in town lately, so she comes over and they make Tuesday nights even more fun! You can usually find us dancing, either to me playing the piano or to the music we put in the CD player. The kiddos get a fun play date and enjoy "Ring Around the Rosie" and shaking their booties. Check us out:
Handsome little man!

"Ring Around the Rosie" fun!

Booty shakin' time!

Beautiful mother and daughter!

Having fun with the camera.
All us girls and Mikey!

Happy Jessy!

Find six differences.

I think Jessy could have some modeling in her future.
What do you think?

This was too funny not to post!
Jessy was messing around doing this funny dance and I caught this!

Charlie's Angels, Emily, Melissa and Jessy.

Charlie's Angels and the newest, littlest Angel, Monica.

So Tuesdays nights are wonderful and we love having them!
But most of all we just love hanging with our family.


The McBride Family said...

What a fun group!!!! Love being close to family huh!!

Tonks said...

Haha!!! We're such weirdos on Tuesday and today isn't gonna be any different!!!