Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Toys

For my birthday, and the next few major holidays, Ryan got me a camera I have been eyeing for quite a while! So yesterday I started playing with it and found some pictures I really liked!
These were my two favorites of Leah yesterday.
These were my two faves of Monica yesterday.
The cat makes a surprisingly good subject to practice on, so out of the 50, these are my two faves of the cat!
I was playing with the aperture on this one.
I think it turned out pretty good.

Then this morning I had fun shooting the girls before church.
I loved the succession of Leah's facial expressions!

I was still trying to figure out the focus on the manual setting, just so I knew how to do it.
When they were bigger than the thumbnail on the camera screen, most of the ones of Monica were blurry enough to hurt my eyes a little or she had squinty eyes if they were in focus. I caught this one though, and thought it was so expressive.
After watching the Super Bowl, I showed off my new toy and thought I'd try getting some more practice after some advice from Dad.
Like mother, like daughter...
In beauty, that is!
I thought it was funny that I had just caught Julie digging for gold and then Emily pretended to when I pointed the camera at her.
Monica loves to ham it up!

Finally, out of nearly 300 pictures, these next two are my absolute favorites!

My little beauties!


Cristine said...

Love them! Especially those last two... gorgeous!

Ingelheim Five said...

Wow, Anna, you guys have beautiful girls! No pressure for #3 though! :o) PS. Love Ryan's 'working on the car hands' petting the kitty. Cute.

ChristyLou said...

Your girls are GORGEOUS!! Those last two really are fabulous. What fun times with your new "toy."