Friday, March 5, 2010

Ballerina Time

This morning, Monica got her ballet on.

I happened to sign on to Facebook right after a friend I knew in college posted that she would be starting a preschool ballet class at her home. Since Monica has been asking to take dance since she went to a couple classes with her cousins, Dakota and Sailor, and the price was right I asked immediately for Monica to be in the class. Monica was a little nervous and asked if Kenzi could come too, so I talked to Kuliana and Sarah and it all worked out! The girls were so cute!!
This picture was actually at the end of class when they did a freestyle dance.
Pointing her toes.
Getting her arms in the right position.
Taking her turn walking on her tippy toes.
Monica and Kenzi.
I thought it was cute that they gave each other courage.
So happy in 1st position.

Except for her telling me she was hungry a few times during class, the only other hangup was when they were practicing their arm positions and she turned to me and said, "Mom, my arms hurt!" Haha, poor thing. She'll get stronger though, and she had so much fun. She's already asking if she can go back tomorrow. The poor dear has to wait two weeks! 

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Cristine said...

She makes a beautiful ballerina! Anya loves her ballet class. Can't wait to see more pics of Monica!