Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Hair Cuts

Over two and half years ago, Granny passed away after battling ovarian cancer. I decided then that I would grow out my hair in her memory. Just before New Year's Monica and I cut off our hair to donate for wigs for cancer patients. I asked Christina if she would do it for us, and she lent her skills to creating these cute 'dos for us. We were both very pleased with the outcome, Monica donating 8" and I had 11" for donation. And one note, Locks of Love still charges for their wigs and Pantene donates them for free. 
Yesterday, Aunty Theresa bleached some highlights for me. Ever since my sister-in-law visited with pink streaked hair, I have been considering going with bold, fun colored highlights. Being February, month of the amethyst, (and well- it's my favorite color anyways) I went with purple highlight for my first try!


So thanks Tina for the cut and Aunty Theresa for the streaks!


The McBride Family said...

I LOVE the cut and the color totally fits you!!! How fun!

Cristine said...

LOVE IT!!!! You look great and what a great way to remember your grandma!