Monday, February 15, 2010

10 Things I Love About You

Dear Monica,
here are 10 Things I Love About You
10. I love that days like today are a few and far between. You went to timeout at least a dozen times. But on the last timeout you still, at the tender age of 4, were able to tell me how your heart told you to not jump on the bed or yell at your mom, but how you listened to your brain instead. You amaze me with your perception, with your earnest desire to please your parents. You're doing a great job!

9. I love that you love music. You can pick out the beat to any song we listen to and have a great sense of rhythm. You dance to the beat, but in many ways to the beat of your own drum as well. You also sing with your whole heart, and it is a joy to hear you make up your own songs about brushing your teeth, or how you don't want to go to bed. I hope you keep that creativity always. 

8. I love the sound of your laughter. When Daddy tickles you pink, or Leah does something funny, your contagious laughter brings a smile to all who hear it.

7. I love how inquisitive you are. You are so smart. You love your letters and learning how to write. I love that you are so eager to start school. It will be a great adventure for you.

6. I love your spirit of service. Whether it's picking up the toy room or making your bed, you always give it to me as a gift. And it is a beautiful gift I always appreciate. I love how you help your little sister get out of bed in the mornings and help her get a cup first thing. I love watching you help her open her string cheese and show her where to color in the coloring books you are working on.

5. I love that you love kitties as much as I do! And you are very good with our cat and take care not to hurt her and help protect her when others might be a little too rough.

4. I love your innocence. How every old man is "grandpa" and every kindly looking old woman is "grandma". You have never met a stranger. Every child, every person we meet is a friend. Would that the world was a safer place for you to truly be yourself and accept everyone at face value.

3. I love that you are still cuddly. I love your hugs and kisses everyday.

2. I love your free spirit, honesty in expressing your opinions and your willingness to compliment freely. How if something doesn't feel, sound or look right, you bring my attention to it. I love your observations and turn of phrase. You, my dear, are FUNNY! You are INDEPENDENT and at times headstrong, but I'm sure glad you are not a doormat. No one will walk all over you and get away with it.

1. And most of all, I love your desire to do what is right. Your early love of the Lord and desire to make Him happy and do what He would do is truly admirable. I love to listen to you sing "I Am a Child of God" because you sing it like you truly know who you are. For as young as you are, you teach me so much.

For all these things and more, I love you, my dear Monica.  

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